Aashiqana Season 3 Releasing on 27th February on Disney+ Hotstar

Indian audience is eagerly waiting for season 3 of the Indian serial named namely- Murder Kei Mausam mei pyaar is back- Aashiqana Season 3 on 27th February 2023 on a famous OTT platform Disney + Hotstar.

This serial will bring a twisted love story that starts from being enemies to being life partners and then falling in love. Having a love triangle in the environment of Murder and crime.

The love Chemistry between Yash and Chikki is shown in this. This serial shows the concept of karma and re-karma as well as the earth is round no one can be separated for a very long time.

Aashiqana Season 3 Cast:

Zayn Ibad Khan and Khushi Dubey return with triple energy and spirit. Other actors’ names include Inderjeet Modi, Anurag Vyas, Raghav Tiwari, and Geeta Tyagi, among others.



Aashiqana Director:

Director of Aashiqana Gul Khan said, “We have received a lot of appreciation from audiences from the first two seasons.”

Thus, he decided to bring out the most awaited season 3 of the same serial with a new twist- Murder kei Mausam mei Pyaar Aashiqana.

This is a story of a couple named Yash and Chikki having a Love triangle and dealing with crime.

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About Aashiqana’s Story

Yash and Chikki, dealing with a Crime case while having a love triangle. This serial covers the journey of Yash who is shown as a police officer and Chikki who loves her jewelry, her Ego, and her lover. From being enemies to being their life partners.


Releasing date- Aashiqana season 3

Aashiqana season 3 is going to release on one of the famous OTT platforms named Disney Plus Hotstar. Both previous seasons of this serial, Aashiqana, are super hit.

On the high demand of the audience, the maker of this serial decided to continue these serial seasons.

Therefore, season 3 of Murder Kei Mausam Mei Pyaar is back- Aashiqana is into the play. This serial season will release on 27th February 2023.

Audience Response on Aashiqana release:

The audience is so excited for the release of season 3 of Aashiqana – Murder Kei Mausam mei Pyaar. Let’s see what story we will get to watch.

Although, this season consists of a beautiful love storyline, a crime twist, and scientific experiments on humans. We can wait for this beautiful serial.

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