Akshay Kumar smashes world record with 184 selfies taken in three minutes!

A very famous and talented Bollywood actor has done something unbeatable and unique. Are you guessing who he is Our hero is? One and only our Akshay Kumar. He is famous, especially for his hard work and 4 am workouts. He is so hard-working.

Akshay Kumar smashes world record with 184 selfies

Recently, Akshay Kumar created a world record in Guinness World Record. He does not have any family background in the acting industry.

This world record is for the most self-portrait photos, or called Selfies, taken in just three minutes. He has taken 184 selfies.

Akshay Kumar has smashed the earlier world record and created a new record of taking 184 selfies in three minutes.

Earlier Similar Records

He smashes an earlier world record of 168 selfies taken by James Smith of the USA on the Carnival Dream cruise ship on 22 January 2018.

In 2015, Dwayne Johnson earned the title of 105 selfies in three minutes at San Andreas in London.

Akshay Kumar created a new record of 184 selfies within three minutes.

Akshay’s ‘Selfiee’ promotion

Akshay has broken this world record of taking selfies to promote. Yes, you heard it right! Akshay Kumar did this to promote his film “Selfiee,” which will be released on 24 February.

This world record directly or indirectly links with the same. This will act like a promotion stunt to gain the public’s attention.

Wishes for Akshay’s film ‘Selfiee’

Akshay Kumar has a huge and fantastic fan base full of crazy people. The public can not afford to miss any of his movies. His record has brought great attention to his fans towards him.

We, as the audience, are eagerly waiting for his new film, ‘Selfiee.’ We wish the hard work of our superstar, Akshay may pay off. May his film go superstar and win fans’ hearts.

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