Amazon to develop a cinematic universe around Tomb Raider


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Amazon Studios is getting ready to develop a brand new cinematic-Universe based on the tomb raider video game series. Reports claim that Amazon Studios are willing to develop a movie, a tv series written by Phoebe Waller Bridge, who is an actor and well known for her creation Fleabag. Even they are planning to develop a game arc as a part of their Universe.

The Indiana Jones films with Harrison Ford serve as an inspiration for the franchise. The series, the tomb raider is making a comeback after its last video game Shadow of the tomb raider (2018). It is known that Amazon and Crystal Dynamics are going to work together to create a new gaming Franchise. The movie and the series are said to be in the same universe and are interlinked.

This announcement is going to mark a significant turning point for the franchise, which has produced many significant adaptations of the tomb raider. Even though Vikander’s interpretation received a negative response from viewers, Jolie’s portrayal has attracted fans and it can be named the most iconic.

Getting in deep, the original PlayStation action video game from British gaming firm Core Design launched “Tomb Raider” in the year 1994. In the series, Croft plays the character of a highly educated and athletic British archaeologist who sets out to travel around the globe in search of unique relics and unknown treasures. It was the bestselling PlayStation action game, which sold over seven million copies.

Altogether Tomb Raider games have sold over 95 million copies worldwide. Several movies have been made on Tomb Raider which includes a character played by famous actress Angelina Jolie. Around 12 mainline games and a number of spin-offs and many other adaptations have been produced so far in the series. With the most recent trilogy between 2013-2018, was directed by Crystal Dynamics.

As you can see the recent success of Netflix’s Cyberpunk- Edge runners and the most recent renewal of HBO’s The Last Of Us for a second season after just two episodes, indicate that the videogame adaptations are scoring well. The upcoming Tomb Raider movie and series should hopefully, match the expectations. It should be able to surpass Netflix’s anime adaptation of Tomb Rider.

According to reports on January 27, 2023, the franchise is significantly getting ready to invest huge because of its ambition and since it is one of the biggest investments Amazon Studios has ever made in an entertainment series of this kind.

In terms of blockbuster remakes in general, Tomb Raider hasn’t had the finest track record, but with Amazon’s massive resources and finest crew working on it perhaps will end up working after all.

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