Anthony Ciccone Passed Away at 66 – Cause Of Death Explained

Anthony Ciccone, one of the seven siblings of the Ciccone family and elder brother of the famous Madonna known as the queen of pop, passes away on Friday night.

Who was Anthony Ciccone, how was his relationship with his family?

Anthony Ciccone was the elder brother of Madonna Ciccone. He was believed to be living in Michigan, his hometown, for the past few months.

Anthony was believed to be a complex character. He was highly addicted to alcohol, so he had to attend a rehab session in 2017 and was homeless for some time, as he was seen making a living under a bridge. He was so addicted to alcohol that it even got him arrested once for a drunk-and-drive case.

The family relation of Anthony Ciccone was not much like a beloved family; they had their inner conflicts due to Anthony’s addiction to alcohol. In an interview, Anthony even confronted that none of his family members, including Madonna, would care if he died, and he is just an embarrassment to them, just like zero.

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What happened to Anthony Ciccone?

On Friday night, 25th February, Anthony’s brother-in-law Joe Henry, a musician and married to Anthony’s sister Melanie, posted on Instagram about the death of Anthony. He was 66 at the time of his death.

Henry posted a black and white picture of Anthony on Instagram with a caption showing his death message and revealing their bond. Henry wrote he had known Anthony since they were 15; Anthony was like a brother to him, and they shared a prolonged bond like any brothers would do.

Henry said that Anthony was of complex character, and they had their share of quarrels but inspired all these, so they had respect towards each other.

None of the close family associates post or acclaim the news of Anthony’s death through any media other than Henry. Madonna was even seen in Henry’s likes section of the post but remained silent in the comment section.

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Cause of Anthony Ciccone’s death.

After the news of Anthony’s death, the readers eagerly seek the reason behind the death.

No specific reason was mentioned by the family members or doctors behind Anthony’s death. The only reason to be considered is his declined health which was the reason for his massive alcohol consumption.

After the post by Joe Henry on his social media all the loved one’s showed their grief and love for Anthony and Ciccone family.

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