Armani Kelly’s cause of death

Last week Warren rapper Armani Kelly and his two friends, Dante Wicker, and Montoya Givens were found dead in an abandoned building after being missing for a few weeks.

Armani Kelly and his friends were supposed to be performing at Lounge 31 in Detroit but never returned after their show was cancelled.

On 2 February, Warren police found three unidentified dead bodies under the debris which were later identified as Armani and his friends.

The police have said that the three were shot many times, hence causing their death.

“It looks like they were killed upstairs and then dumped in the basement,” said Michigan State Police Lt. Mike Shaw.

A fifteen-year-old is being held bonded by police for stealing a car.

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On January 24, the Warren police found a stolen car, upon investigation fifteen-year-old Warrenton was held on bond and was found to be connected to the case. Upon further investigation, the address of the apartment was found where this homicide took place.

This was the main key to breaking the case. It is said, that boy was directly connected to the murder.

“According to the report filed by the family, it is unusual for him to be out of contact, and for him to allow his phone’s battery to discharge,” Sgt. Curtis Hall of the Oscoda Township Police Department told CBS News.

About Armani Kelly

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Armani Kelly was an aspiring famous Warren rapper. He has also served the position of a songwriter and musical artist. He had previously worked with many other famous artists and record labels.

His mother’s reaction to his death

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His mother laments at the news of her son’s death cursing herself to have her gut feeling as true. His mother said, “I’m not going to say I think, I know in my gut, my heart, he’s done – as much as I love him highland wants him to be okay.”

Police are yet to give any clear answer on what the motive for this shooting might have been. Investigations are still going on.

By Ayoshi Mondal

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