Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr. – Biography

Who is Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr.?

Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr is a 17 – year old teenager born on 18th October 2004. He was born in Louisiana, Texas – USA. His nationality is American, but his culture is a mix of Creolean, American, and African. His zodiac sign is Libra. He is more popularly known as the American singer-songwriter and R&B star Solange Piaget Knowles and an American talent manager Daniel Smith.

Early life

Even though Julez was born he Louisiana, he did not spend his entire childhood there. He spent his childhood moving from place to place with his parents, mostly his mother. Julez spent the first three years in Moscow, Idaho, where his father, Daniel, was pursuing his education. Daniel and Solange had Julez at a very young age of 20 and 18. Hence, they had to look after Julez and pursue their careers simultaneously. Nevertheless, they did a pretty terrific job in bringing up their kid.

Julez moved to Los Angeles, California, with his mother and kept traveling back and forth from Los Angeles to Houston, Texas. At the age of 6, he and his mother moved to Brooklyn, New York, and then to New Orleans in Louisiana.

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Family Life

Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr. is the only son of Solange Knowles and Daniel Smith. He was named after his father. Even if the high school sweethearts divorced within a year of their son’s birth, they made sure that it did not affect Julez’s life in a bad way. Solange did remarry a few years after her divorce, but she did not bear any children from that marriage. Whereas Daniel remarried and fathered three children from his different marriages. Moreover, Julez now has 3 half-siblings from his paternal side.

To say, Julez’s maternal side is quite famous. His mother, Solange, is herself a great artist. His aunts are Beyonce Giselle Knowles Carter and Bianca Jasmine Lawson. Where Beyonce is a pop – star, songwriter, and actress known for her songs Halo, Crazy in Love; whereas Bianca is also an actress and is known for her work in TV and web serials like Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries, etc. His grandparents are Tina Knowles and Mathew Knowles. And Jay Z (Beyonce’s husband) is Julez’s uncle.

About his mother – Solange Knowles

We all are well aware of the wonderful personality of Solange Knowles. Solange is the daughter of Tina Knowles and Mathew Knowles. Born on 24th June in Houston – Texas, the 35-year-old is a very successful artist, along with being a mother of a 17-year-old. In spite of being a teen mother, she made sure to pursue her career while simultaneously handling her child.

After her divorce from Daniel in 2007, Solange got engaged to Alan Ferguson in 2014, but that marriage ended in a divorce. As of now, she is currently dating Gio Escobar, an experimental jazz artist.

Her Work

Solange released her first debut album Solo Star back in 2002 when she was 16. Earlier, she performed as a backup dancer in her elder sister Beyonce’s band – Destiny’s Child. From 2004 – to 2007, Solange did small minor movie roles and co-wrote Music for the Destiny’s Child band members. Later in 2007, Solange made a comeback in the music industry, and in 2008 she released her second studio album – ‘Sol – Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams.’ She continued making Music and kept releasing singles. Furthermore, in 2016 she released her third studio album – ‘A Seat at the Table,’ which topped the best album in the United States among all her other albums. Her latest album is ‘When I Get Home,’ released in 2019.

She won the Grammy Award in 2017 for her R&B performance in the single ‘Cranes in the Sky’ and has also made many appearances in the Billboard Rankings. She also bagged the position of the first winner to receive the ‘Music Impact Award’ in Billboard Women. Her total net worth as of now is $9 million.

About his father – Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith, born on the 5th of May, is a 37-year-old talent manager of singer and rapper Jay – Z and ex-husband of Solange Knowles. But the lesser-known fact about him is that he was also a former NFL football player and became a member of the Carolina Panthers in 2007. As of now, his net worth is supposed to be $700,000.

Daniel has fathered 3 children apart from Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr. Unfortunately, his first marriage with Solange came to an end, but they are still on good terms and co-parented Julez together. From his second marriage, he fathered Saniya Smith, but her mother’s identity remains unknown. Currently, he is engaged to Karla Anisa Karim and bore 2 children with her – Legend Smith and Five Smith.

Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr’s Career

From what the media reported, Julez doesn’t seem to be a fan of them. He prefers to stay low-key. As of now, he is attending a local high school in Los Angeles and is in his last year. Henceforth, he does plan on getting a proper college degree.

He is a massive basketball fan and enjoys playing the sport. Along with that, he also enjoys making Music and rapping. He does seem to have a lot of interests with a good scope in the future; unfortunately, nothing is known about his future insight.

Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr’s Biography

Full Name Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr.
Birth Date 18th October
Year of birth 2004
Age 17 years
Zodiac Sign Libra
Nationality American
Culture Creolean, African, American
Place of birth Louisiana – Texas
Current residency Los Angeles – California
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Height (in feet) 5 ft. 7in.
Weight (in pounds) 143lbs
Mother’s name Solange Knowles
Father’s name Daniel Smith
First Cousins Blue Ivy Carter, Rumi Carter, Sir Carter
Half Siblings Saniya Smith, Legend Smith, Five Smith
Aunts Beyonce Giselle Knowles Carter, Bianca Jasmine Lawson
Grandparents Tina Knowles, Mathew Knowles
Personal interests Basketball, Music (preferably raps)
Academic qualification High – school


The above article is all the information about the 17-year celebrity offspring; Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr. Make sure to comment and let us know about your views!

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Q1) Are Solange and Beyonce real sisters?

Ans: Yes, Solange and Beyonce share a blood bond. Beyonce is Julez’s real aunt.

Q2) What are the ages of Daniel Smiths’ children?

Ans: Daniel has 4 children: Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr., Saniya Smith, Legend Smith, and Five Smith. Their ages are 17, 12, 5, and 2 respectively.

Q3) Has Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr. released any songs/ albums?

Ans: According to the reports, he has not released any songs. But he is surely passionate about Music.

Q4) Does Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr. have a girlfriend?

Ans: There are no reports of that as of now, but he was in a relationship with Skai Jackson, which unfortunately did not sustain.

Q5) Does Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr. live with his mother?

Ans: Yes, he lives with his mother-Solange in Los Angeles, California.

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