Delhi High Court grants Jacqueline Fernandez permission to travel to Dubai

Bollywood actor Jacqueline Fernandez is now allowed to travel to Dubai in order to attend the PepsiCo India conference. She felt a sense of relief thanks to the decision made by Delhi’s Patiala High Court on Friday. After asserting that she had been invited to an event in Dubai as a star performer for a concert scheduled for January 29, the actor asked a hearing from the Delhi High Court.

Getting into previous details, Fernandez is one of the defendants involving alleged Conman Sukesh Chandrashekar and money laundering worth 200 crores. As ED requested further time to submit a thorough response to her application, additional sessions judge Shailender Malick previously scheduled the matter on Friday. On Friday, the judge issued the final court decision on her application.

Fernandez submitted a similar motion in December last year, requesting authorization to go abroad to visit her ill mother Bahrain.

Why Is Fernandez Under Investigation?

While investigating into 200 crores fraud, according to case investigators, Conman Sukesh Chandrashekar allegedly offered his assistant Pinky Irani around 10 crore (10 million) in exchange for her assistance in making friends with actor Jacqueline Fernandez. Conman Sukesh Chandrashekar, a citizen of Bengaluru, Karnataka, is currently imprisoned in Delhi and is accused in more than 10 active criminal cases.

Chandrashekar allegedly handed Fernandez gifts worth 5.71 crores from the proceeds of crime, which included extortion, according to the final chargesheet.

According to the actor’s attorney, her movie was nominated for a prestigious award. Fernandez appeared in a Global anthology movie called “Tell it like a woman”. The song of this movie is nominated for prestigious Oscars Further sessions for the sake of national pride, judge Shailender Malick stated that unnecessary limits should not be put on the accused unless they are absolutely essential.

Overview of the courts’ decision

In addition to informing the ED upon her return and refraining from tampering in any way with evidence or the inquiry, the court ordered Fernandez to prove her itinerary, place of lodging, and contact information. Within the mentioned time period it is made clear that the lookout circular (LOC) issued in this instance issued during the case investigation against the applicant shall be suspended. Court also ordered her to deposit her passport back without any delay following her return to India.

The actor had complied all the terms and conditions, but the court noted that the ED has raised voiced concern about Jacqueline Fernandez leaving the country, where the agency is conducting required investigation procedures related to her case. In additional the court stated that they cannot stop the applicant from her trip, because the agency could monitor her movements throughout the trip. Whenever possible.

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