Dr. Thomas Burchard Cause Of Death – Who killed Dr. Burchard

Officials were stunned when renowned Dr. Thomas Burchard was found dead inside the trunk of a car nearby Vegas. As the authorities speculated over who might have killed the doctor flippantly, shocking details about his personal affairs emerged, painting a bleak picture.

Thomas passed away because of severe injuries on his head, according to the forensic report.

Dr. Thomas Burchard.

Who was Dr. Thomas Burchard?

Dr. Thomas was born in 1948 in Boston and later raised in Virginia, wherein his dad taught Architectural at Harvard and then at Virginia Technology College of Design. After completing his medical education, he chose to work in child psychology and worked as a Senior Child Psychologist at several prestigious clinics and institutions.

Dr. Thomas joined the Local hospital of Central Coast in California and worked as a coveted Licensed Therapist for many years.

Thomas was a generous man who adored kids and enjoyed doing silly shows for children. He became renowned as a humble person who hardly worried about himself and served those who needed support.
Unfortunately, Thomas died as a result of his charity. The Police Department got a phone call reporting a stranded Mercedes-Benz on the gravel road close to Lake Mead Area.

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What happened to Dr. Thomas Burchard?

Once the authorities showed up, they noticed the car’s sides were down when something appeared to be burning on the passenger side. The police saw blood everywhere in the car, and when they unlocked the hatchback, they discovered clothing and blankets.

When they lifted it, they saw Doctor Thomas damaged corpse, which was hardly identifiable. Thomas’s earlobe was detached and had retaliatory scars, scratches, and wounds on his body. 

After the inquiry began, the authorities determined that the car where the body was, belonged to a supermodel and a Social media influencer named Kelsey Turner. She lived with her lover, Jon Kinnison, but they disappeared after investigators looked for them. They called Kelsey’s mom, who confirmed that she and Doctor Thomas had known each other for decades.

Dr. Thomas Burchard & Kelsey Turner Relationship

Thomas used to pay for this woman’s year-long stay in California with her mom and child until heading to Vegas. Officers further interviewed Doctor Thomas’s partner Judy Earp, who told several alarming details regarding his relationship with Kelsey.

As per her, Thomas contacted the girl digitally and started monetarily assisting her as she battled to maintain her young kids. Judy claimed that Thomas not only signed an agreement for the woman’s home and even paid loans for her vehicle.

Kelsey took advantage of Thomas’s benevolence and treated Thomas like a rich man who fulfilled her needs, according to Judy. Even so, matters grew complicated whenever Thomas’s girlfriend detested Kelsey and asked Thomas not to pay her bills.

He later quit paying the housing rental. Judy stated that she then started embezzling Thomas, making threats to denounce the cops over his inappropriate behavior toward his young patient.

Doctor Thomas went to Kelsey’s residence. That day Judy met Thomas for the last time before he died. Because of her contentious history with him and his last known location, she and her friend Diana were the main suspects in the homicide.

Officers designated both proclaimed wanted criminals after determining they might have left the country deliberately. The runaway work group apprehended Kelsey from Stockton on 21st March.

Diana claimed that after Thomas came to meet Kelsey, trouble started the following morning when housemate Jeremy’s partner visited and grew acquainted with Thomas.

Kelsey was irritated and got into a fight with her accusing her of attempting to steal him. Kelsey discovered an interchange of nude pictures between Thomas and her mum, causing a brawl.

Later, Jon, Kelsey’s boyfriend, slammed Thomas on the forehead with a heavy bat.

This blow gravely wounded his forehead and caused massive clotting, so Thomas asked them to take him to the clinic before ensuring, but Jon still shot him with a gun.

After Diana’s revealing confession, Jon accepted a settlement offer and pled convicted to manslaughter in 2022. He got condemned to imprisonment for between eighteen and forty-five yrs.

Diana got discharged after going to trial and got three years of imprisonment starting in the first month of this year.

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