Earthquake kills over 3500 people in Turkey and Syria

On January 6, 2023, a massive quake of 7.8 magnitudes struck near the southeast region of Turkey and Syria, following a tremor of 7.5 magnitudes after midday, leaving a huge trail of destruction and mass death. It led Italy to issue a potential tsunami alert.

The 7.8 earthquakes is said to have attacked the people’s sleep at 04:17 in the morning, local time. 6:47 AM as per Indian Standard Time (IST).

As informed by the Disaster Management Agency of Turkey, a minimum of 3,381 people are reportedly dead, and more than 15,834 are heavily injured. Meanwhile, the situation in Syria is less adverse, with 1600 death but of grave concern nonetheless, reported per White Helmet, a Health Ministry and Rescue Organization.

Earthquake kills over 3,500 people in Turkey and Syria
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“Everywhere there is snow or rain, and it’s very cold…the weather conditions and the climate is making it very difficult for the rescue workers and civilians,” reported an Al-Jazeera reporter from Istanbul.

As the people barely survived the earthquake’s shocks, another earthquake of 5.7 magnitudes hit the Turkey-Syrian border, raising the death count to over 4800 people.

Due to the continuous death of people in Turkey, President Erdogan declared a week’s National Mourning. As the deaths of people continue to rise, the world comes to aid Turkey on the request of president Erdogan.

The Indian Army medical team has already left to aid the Turkish people. The team comprises 89 medical professionals equipped with X-ray machines, cardiac monitors, and others to establish a 30-bedded facility.

EU dispatched 20 rescue teams from 17 different European countries on the request of Turkey. According to Ujvari, some teams, like the Spanish one, had already reached the field, and the rescue operations are now underway.

However, conditions in Syria are very different. The most affected area of Syria, Aleppo, whose condition pre-earthquake was equally critical, has informed of 1600 deaths along northern Syria.

Russia, which already had its military presence over there due to its involvement in Syria’s civil war, has also pledged its support.

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