Ex-Pak Army Chief says Imran Khan was dangerous for Pakistan

Imran Khan Niazi has made the headlines for being shot thrice in his shin by a gunman in Wazirabad. However, ex-Pakistan army chief, General Qamar Javed Bajwa, has a different take on the matter. The ex- pakistan chief, Bajwa claimed that Imran khan was potentially dangerous to the country’s unity. 

Ex-Pak Army Chief Statement

This is a surprising statement as it is a well-known fact of how the general used behind-the-curtain maneuvers and political gimmicks to bring Khan in power. 

The statement has also shocked political analysts and Pakistan observers, as the cricket-turned-politician was brought into the political scenario by his aid and tactics. 

It is controversial coming from someone who supported Imran Khan a few days back.

The country was in a terrible state, and shoddy governance had impaired its entire system, and Imran Khan entered the scene at this time.

Qamar Javed revealed this perspective about how Imran Khan was dangerous to Pakistan as a country in a conversation with the journalist Javed Choudhary.

These revelations made by general Bajwa did not end there as he continued to bring some deeper aspects of his personality. Bajwa labeled Khan as “raw” and “vulgar.” These harsh words for Khan were further coupled by mocking remarks from his side. He said that Khan was abusive in his private conversations. This is not new, as he had been seen speaking in a mocking tone and using derogatory remarks on several occasions.

Further, sharing an incident from one of the cabinet meetings, Bajwa claimed that he even tried to mock the Saudi crown prince. Revealing details about the incident, he said that Khan used a vulgar Punjabi word to present remarks on the Saudi Crown prince, Mohammed Bin Salman. This came as an astonishing statement and also ironic as he was quite co-operative with the prince and had soft and welcoming relations. Not just this, he even once drove the car for the prince while welcoming him.

This was an indication that even though Khan treated people well in public, he often had no respect for any leader. Additionally, this also highlighted his self centred attitude as he was only interested in the Saudi loans and aids which could help his country thrive in a grave situation of a deep economic recession. This somewhere highlighted that all he wanted from the Saudi government was their help to improve his country’s serious circumstances.

Also, this brutal declaration may instigate the Saudi government, further widening the rift between the two countries.

Bajwa admitted that his only fault was that he did not support his government because that would have been devastating to Pakistan as a country.

Also, he posed a serious threat to the integrity and unity of the country, so it was time for him to leave.

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