List of the Film Industry in India

Indian Cinema consists of films produced in India for a wide array of audiences with diversified linguistic production houses. Cinema industries in India produce more than 1800-2000 films in a year, where major city centres of production houses are Mumbai, Kochi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Bhubaneswar-Cuttack, Bangalore and Guwahati.

These cinema industries have existed for around a century delivering the most exquisite pieces of the watch to their audiences in various local and common languages.

Movies or motion pictures have become part of our rough and tough schedules, impacting our day-to-day lives profoundly. These film industries have given an escape way to relax, enjoy and get entertained with your loved ones. It’s more like a regular exercise of happiness, learning cultures and traditions, full of entertainment with family and friends.

Just for your information, the Indian film Industry is the world’s largest film industry with such multilingual culture encasing it, with a mixture of cultural diversity, classic histories, contemporary stories and many regional art forms with elegant vibrancy. These industries have poured their heart out to go Pan-India and work together for the wide audience’s demands.

List of the Film Industry in India

Different languages segment the Cinemas of India; read out to know about the different film industries in India.

Bollywood- Hindi Film Industry

The Hindi film industry has been part and parcel of our lives since childhood. Being the largest film-producing industry, Bollywood has given us the masterpieces of a lifetime. The hub of dreams that every individual steps down to fulfil is in Mumbai- the Mayanagari, the centre of Bollywood, has got its name from Bombay (now known as Mumbai) and Hollywood.

Bollywood has produced a wide genre of movies from romantic, humour-drama, historical biographies, horrors, suspense, action thrillers and even mythical movies.

The 1st and oldest movie ever produced by this industry was “Raja Harishchandra”. Retro movies that shaped the industry are Sholay, Mughal-e-Azam, Mother India, and some new releases still keeping up the legacy of this empire areĀ  Padmavat, Mardaani, Gangubai-Kathiawada and many more.

Kollywood- Tamil Film Industry

Kollywood, or K-Town, is popular and well known for the Tamil film industry based in Chennai. After Bollywood, it is one of the oldest and the second largest film industry in India. Thalaiva, the famous Rajinikanth, hails from this industry. The crazy fan following of Kollywood has dragged the stars to work Pan-India. This industry specializes in action and drama. The first Tamil talkie released was “Keechaka Vadham”.

Tollywood- Telugu Film Industry

Another industry known as Film Nagar is famous for making Guinness World Records for having the world’s biggest film studio (Ramoji Film City) is Tollywood. This film City is situated in Hyderabad. Telugu films having the best narratives are almost time re-released in remake or dubbed formats for other language audiences.

Telugu films are enjoyed mostly by their own mother tongue speakers. Tollywood has seen a lot of setbacks, but with the release of “Baahubali”, Tollywood gave a powerful comeback all over the world.

Mollywood- Malayalam language Film Industry

Mollywood, famous for Malayalam movies, is Kerela-based film industry, not as famous as other industries, but they have proven themselves with extraordinary storylines and cinematography across the world. India’s first 3D film was in Malayalam, “My Dear Kuttichathan”. This industry has the most nominated masterpieces for OSCARS.

Sandalwood- Kannada film industry

If we say the Kannada film industry is crowd-attracting, it won’t be wrong. This industry is also known as Sandalwood, which is Chandanavana in Kannada, which is based in Bangalore. One of the brilliant and popular masterpieces produced by this industry is “KGF”, which was released in Kannada and then dubbed to other languages, becoming a blockbuster highest earning movie.

Pollywood- Punjabi Cinema Industry

The Punjabi cinema industry in India and Pakistan, which produces films in their native language, is Pollywood. They emerged to be famous quite late, but Polly movies are known for the best storylines, such as “Qismat” and “Sufna”.

Marathi Film Industry

Nevertheless, if you find Marathi films, do not miss it; they have the authenticity of the storyline and the characterization, and this industry has given the amazing movies of all time. “Harishchandrachi Factory” became India’s Oscar Entry film, and apart from these Sairat, Turtle are some wonderful treats to watch.

Gollywood- Gujarati language Film Industry

Gujarati film industry, also known as Dhollywood informally, is a regional film industry in India that has produced most vernacular films since it started.

Ollywood- Odia Film Industry

The Odia film Industry has been making and taking baby steps since the Government of Odisha announced the construction of theatres in the state in 1974. This industry is famous for drama-comedy genre movies. The very 1st talkie in Odia was “Sita Bibaha”.

Jollywood- Assamese Cinema Industry

Assamese Cinema are primarily watched by nativists. They are known for their highly artistic content. One famous movie worth watching is “Village Rockstars”.

Bengali Film Industry

This industry was known as Tollywood, based in Tollygunge in Kolkata. Some exceptional artists such as Rituparno Ghosh, Satyajit Ray and Mithun Chakraborty have contributed to shape this cinema house. The first ever movie released was a silent movie, “Billwamangal”.

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