Former Japan PM shot by gun during his speech. Suspect arrested

Former Japan PM Shinzo Abe was shot in his chest today during his campaigning speech in the Japanese city, Nara. The shooter tried to escape but the police caught him. The people present on the spot panicked. The PM fainted and collapsed after the attack. The sight became horrible said the residents.

The shooter is identified as Tetsuya Yamagami who is to be a 41-year-old military man. As per the local bodies he was seen in a grey shirt. He was standing 10 feet away, behind the PM when he fired on him with his customized shotgun. The time was about 11:30 am. He was arrested a few minutes later he shot the trigger.

The eyewitnesses (police and people) claim that they heard two shotgun bangs. The first one was ignorable while the second was extremely loud and scary. After the local bodies saw the PM bleeding and collapsing, they rushed to him and gave him a cardiac massage. Soon he was airlifted and admitted to the hospital.

 PM’s health status

According to the doctors, Abe is in a fear-death situation. Also, he is currently not showing any vital signs. He was first taken to an ambulance and then immediately airlifted, after this unfortunate event. According to the tweet by Ex-Tokyo governor Yoichi Masuzoelocal, former Japanese PM Shinzo Abe is believed to be in a state of cardio-pulmonary arrest.

The Japanese public broadcaster NHK (Nippon Hōsō Kyōka) claimed that Abe was seen bleeding. Also, people near the spot heard the bang of a gunshot.

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World leaders that reacted to the attack on Shinzo Abe

  • *Narendra Modi          (Prime Minister of India)
  • *Rahul Gandhi             (Congress leader)
  • *Donald Trump            (Former US president)
  • *Rahm Emanuel           (US Ambassador)
  • *Anthony Albanese      (Australian Prime Minister)

The reasons still unknown for the unfortunate event

The accused is sent to police custody right after the incident took place. But the reason for the shooting is unknown.

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