The Famous “House Of Cards” Actress Confirms Her Pregnancy on Social Media

Famous American actress, Kate Mara, who was acting as Zoa Barnes in a famous American thriller show “House of Cards”. She is 39 years old and she expecting her second child. On Sunday she posted her photo with her husband, Jimmie Bell confirming their second child.

39-year-old Kate and her husband Jammie Bell are married since 2017, in 2013 she is one of the main casts of the famous American thriller show “House of Cards”, and she is also working as “U.S. MARSHAL” in Iron man 2. In 2019 they got blessed with a beautiful girl child.

Kate and Jimmie are acting together in many American TV shows. Jimmie had a boy from his first wife and he met Kate in a marvel studios audition. They both gave an audition for a role. their relationship got public when they are seen together at Met Gala in 2015. Jimmie officially marries Kate in Los Angles in 2017. They posted a photo on social media with the caption “Me and Mrs. B”.

In 2019 Kate announced her firstborn child, which was a girl and people congratulates her in the comments. Now they are expecting their second child this year. In the Instagram post, she tagged her husband Jimmie and his best friend Max Minghella.

People are still congratulating her on their future baby. Many Hollywood actresses gave their warm wishes to them. Many famous actors and actresses like Michel B. Jordan and Jenna Dewan commented on their posts, while others like, Octavia Spencer, Michael Pena, Andrew Rannells, and Lara Worthington sent their heart-warming.

In a podcast with DR. Berlin, kate reveals that before her pregnancy she had suffered from a miscarriage. She also reveals that she had a blighted ovum. A blighted ovum is when a fertilized egg attaches itself to the uterine wall, but the embryo does not develop.

In that podcast, she also tells her reaction. she tells that “It was weird, this bitter or sweet sort of… I was so excited, but also sad that we weren’t as excited as we were the first time, because that was clear that it was a very different dynamic”

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