How to become a VFX Artist for TV and film?

In recent years, the demand for VFX artists has increased significantly. The term VFX describes the process of creating images that are not capable of being captured by a camera with the help of computer software. Today, most directors use VFX in their movies & TV Shows. Whether it’s a ghost that comes from under the bed, the hero fighting with an animal or being on another planet, these scenes are only possible because of VFX.

And it’s not only needed while making films. VFX can also be used in a simple advertisement! So, VFX is a very important element in the entertainment industry today. Under this wide umbrella of VFX, there are different roles that are offered and that work together to attain the visuals and portray it on screen.

How to become a VFX artist?

 If generation and art are your interests, operating as a visual effects artist is a good career for you. Here are some steps you can use to grow to be a VFX artist:

1) Earn a diploma

the first step in your career path should always be to acquire a diploma. It improves knowledge about your subject of interest and is usually a necessity to get a job.

2) Developing skills

while working towards your career, try to develop your skills. Capturing and learning from life experiences can be quite beneficial. Try using technology and video animation software daily. Look for extra learning opportunities like courses to help develop your skills better. After all, the more skills you have, better is your shot at getting a job!

3) Internships

Internships are an excellent way to gain experience as a visual effects artist. You could also work with an experienced mentor who would help you navigate through the VFX career and make you acquainted with other professionals for the same. Pursuing internships will also be a great addition to your resume.

4) Focus on your speciality

Visual effects artists often specialize in a particular type of VFX role. Having progressive skills in a particular field of interest may help you stand out when applying for jobs in that field.

5) Exploring open roles

Always explore all possible options, especially when you have a lot of choices. Apply for as many VFX roles as you can to gain a better perspective about the same.

Essential skills for a VFX artist:

As their tasks can demand very progressive work, VFX experts need a good amount of specialised creativity and technology abilities to accomplish in their field. Some abilities that a VFX expert can benefit from bearing are:

1) Drawing- Since VFX is essentially an art form, knowing the basics of drawing is fundamental. Creating certain animations also often requires sketching skills.

2) Visual aesthetics: An understanding of visual aesthetics helps to determine which colours, shapes, and designs may appeal to the audience’s eyes.

3) Composition and light- having detailed knowledge and skills regarding lighting and composition helps an artist create exciting visuals. Customised visual effects are frequently required for every scene.

4) Photography- training in photography can tremendously help an aspiring VFX artist. In the same way that a photographer uses their camera to capture their vision, a VFX artist uses their computer to produce an image.

Examples of some roles that make the VFX pipeline work smoothly:

1) Previsualists- they create 3D animated versions of the film storyboard. One needs to know how to use the 3D software in order to create the director’s vision.

2) Concept artists- they take a brief of the vision to be portrayed and turn it into something that can be showcased on-screen. And they guide the other artists regarding the same.

3) Modelers- They create the objects, characters, and landscapes in 3D to create the vision. they need a lot of flexibility and skill to make the model perfectly.

4) Texture artists- After models are created, texture artists apply shaders to their mesh, the primary structural component of a 3D model. In order to make the model look realistic on screen, this becomes a time-consuming process.

5) Riggers- Once the texture is complete, the riggers build the skeleton of the character, which can then be animated.

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Demand of VFX artists:

We live in a world that is becoming increasingly digitized, and VFX artists continue to be in high demand. Nowadays, VFX is used in most movies and television shows. In addition to the entertainment industry, VFX artists are also needed in advertising, various commercial firms, and more. VFX will remain a highly employable industry for many years to come.

A VFX artist is all about making imaginative ideas come to life- making fantasy and fiction seem like reality. All one needs in order to be a VFX artist is passion and curiosity. Pursuing a career in VFX shows that a person is creative, handy with technology and has a knack for telling visual stories.

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