Hridayam Movie Cast, Songs, Story & Release Date

Hridayam is a romantic-drama Malayalam language movie. In which the love story of two teenagers, Arun and Darshana, is shown. This movie tries to give a realistic appearance of the coming-of-age depiction of Malayalam campus life in Chennai.

Two first-year engineering students fell in love soon after their college began. But life has other plans for them as the road to love is not easy for everyone. There was a certain twist that they never expected or no one would expect to watch.

Hridayam Movie:

Hridayam is a teenage love story that has many ups and downs in life. Here I’ll explain in short the story of this movie. 

Arun Neelakandan, the boy from Kerala, joined KGC Tech college to study engineering, while Darshana was in the same college they fell in love at first sight. After Arun got ragged by seniors, they got closer. Due to some moral police, they had to part ways because of which they challenged each other that they’ll find a better partner than each other.

After this sudden partways, Arun got addicted to alcohol he started ragging juniors. Meanwhile, they fell in love with Maya and Kedar, respectively. Kedar was not a nice person, but Darshana thought Arun is being jealous, and he was spreading rumours about Kedar. But after knowing the truth, Darshana slapped Kedar and moved on. Arun’s parents’ found that something is wrong with him. 

Arun leaves the hostel room, moves on to a peaceful atmosphere, and joins the Selvas Coaching classes with Antony.

Soon after, Darshana also joins the same coaching class. Selva died in a bus accident, and everyone was in grief. Maya realises that Arun does not love her truly but to making her jealous Darshana.

There was the last day of college, and there was a secret alley where someone had to write something, but Arun was unable to write. Darshana asked Arun if they could be together in a bus, but Arun kept silent.

After graduation, Arun got a job on campus, but he was not satisfied. Darshana was a YouTube Vlogger and said him to pursue his dream. Arun with Jimmy, a wedding photographer, started doing work together. Here the twist and turns begin. Nithya, a beautiful girl, comes into Arun’s life. 

They moved on in their life. Arun goes to his college, where he comes across so many things and writes a note in a secret alley. For which you have to watch the movie.

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The movie Hridayam has a fabulous song playlist. It consists of seven songs in total they are:

1. Manasse Manasse- 3min 11sec

Singers-Vineeth Sreenivasan, Hesham Abdul Wahab

2. Darshana- 3min 46sec

Singers- Darshana Rajendran, Hesham Abdul Wahab

3. Mukilinte- 2min 56sec 

Singers- K.S Chithra, Hesham Abdul Wahab

4. Onakka Munthiri- 1min 59sec

Singers- Divya Vinneth, Hesham Abdul Wahab

5.Thathaka Theithare- 2min 26sec

Singers- Hesham Abdul Wahab, Prithviraj Sukumaran

6. Minnalkkodi- 3min 2sec

Singers- K.S Chithra, Hesham Adbul Wahab, Sachin Warrier, Mohammed Maqbool Mansoor.

7. Arike Ninna- 4min 26sec

Singers- Job Kurian, Hesham Abdul Waha


Pranav Mohanlal- As Arun Neelakandan

Kalyani Priyadarshan- As Nithya 

Darshana Rajendran- As Darshana

Vijayaraghavan- As Neelakandan

Johny Antony- As Balagopal

Aju Varghese- As Jimmy 

Arun Kurian- As Akhil Sathyam

Aswath Lal- As Antony Thaddikaran

Antu Antony- As Maya Padmanabhan

Abhishek Joseph George- As Kedar Naresh

Ann Jamela Saleem- As Megha

Megha Thomas- As Jasleen

Sooraj Sun- As Bridegroom

Jojo Jose- As Pratik Tiwari

Ajith Thomas Abraham- As Lijo

Kurian Joseph John- As Joji Soloman     

Name of the Crew Members without whom this movie would be incomplete. They are:

Directed and Written by – Vineeth Sreenivasan

Produced by Visakh Subramanian 

Executive Producer- Sitara Suresh

Co-Producer – Noble Babu Thomas

Cinematography by- Odukkathil Viswajith

Music by Hesham Abdul Wahab

Film Editing by Ranjan Abraham

Camera and Electrical Department by- 

Still photographer- Bijith Dharmadam

Associate Cameraman- Sumesh Mohan Pulpally 

Box Office Collection:

Hridayam movie box office collection is 50 crores INR.

Release Date:

Hridayam was released worldwide on 21st January 2022. It received a positive response from the audience after release. So the production decided to release it on the OTT platform too.


Hriyadam was released on 18th February 2022 exclusively on OTT platform Disney+Hotstar at 12am. You can watch this movie by getting a subscription to the OTT platform.


Hridayam means “heart” or “soul”. This movie truly describes these two words only in 172 mins. Today, in the busy schedule of going to campus, studying and making true friends at once is nothing impossible. But this movie has made it possible by showing two characters in their first year of an engineering college at KGC College of Technology in Chennai falling in love at once. 

This romantic- drama or coming of age story depicts the life of Arun Neelakandan and Darshana, how they met, how they fell in love, how their life made a sudden twist, and they got separated. Yes, I know this kind of scenario will be in most of the movie, but how it is beautifully presented in front of everyone by Vinneth Sreenivasan is unique as it has a different kind of ending because all endings are not meant to be happy.

For this, you have to watch the movie because by giving spoilers, you’ll lose interest in watching it. Must go and watch a movie one time. 

Coming to the performance of the actor, it is also 10/10. Playing the role of teenagers may be tough. All the lead roles had beautifully portrayed themselves, exactly what was needed.

Arun, the character, is difficult to play because it has more emotions than others. At the age of being a teen, everyone has many emotions in themselves that they cannot show in front of everyone, and they go on the wrong path. The same has happened with Arun. He also goes in the wrong direction to make his life the best. Pranav Mohanlal has this character life by playing it. 

Talking about the female lead role, Darshana and Nithya, they had also played their character nicely. Darshana is a cute going college girl. Nithya will make you fall in love with her as this character also has some insecurities with their partner. But through the quality of acting skills both the girls have must say that this movie has got the best crew. Also, the other characters also had given their best in the movie.

Music: Music is that medicine which can heal all your pain. A movie without music is nothing. Because music conveys every beat of emotion, whether it is happiness, sadness, or love, it will reach you, so the work by Music director Hesham Abdul Wahab and Lyricist Arun Aalat is done. 

Everything is up to the mark: cinematography, film editing, costume designing, production management, etc. 

According to the movie, the rating of the movie will be 8.5/10.


The only way to download the movie is through Hotstar and Amazon Prime. For that, you must have a subscription.


1. How to watch Hridayam Movie?

You can go to theatres to watch the movie or watch it on OTT platforms like Disney+Hotstar or Amazon Prime with the subscription.

2. How many songs are there in Hridayam Movie?

There are a total 7 song tracks in this movie.

3. Is Hridayam Movie Leaked on the Pagalworld site?

According to rumours, it is leaked on Pagalworld site, Tamilrockers and Telegram channels to download and watch it for free online.

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