Imran Tahir’s Wife Sumayya Dildar – Wiki, Biography

Imran Tahir wife: Imran Tahir is a South African cricketer, and many people wonder who is his wife or girlfriend.

The question on the minds of her fans is, is Sumayya Dildar, his wife? Here is her wiki, biography, and all the information you need to know about her

Who is Imran Tahir’s Wife?

Imran Tahir’s Wife is Sumayya Dildar.

They met when Tahir traveled to South Africa to compete in the under-19 Tournament while representing Pak in 1998. Two years later, their meetings eventually evolved into a romantic affair. Within a year of dating, they decided to marry in 2007.

Imran took a significant plunge when he left his country to get married to his girlfriend. Both are living a good life and have a son of 8yrs old Gibran.

After meeting Sumayya, Tahir’s life was impacted, both his private and work. Although Sumayya isn’t engaged in any social networking platforms, Imran keeps posting images of his family on his accounts.

Tahir endured a distinguished season and is considered one of the finest prominent cricketers.
Sumayya has always been there, supporting him and looking after their child, and Imran is very glad of her assistance.

Who is Sumayya Dildar?

Sumayya has maintained her personal life discreetly, and there is very little detail regarding her previous life. Sumayya Dildar was a well-trained supermodel before marrying Tahir. Sumayya Dildar is a lovely woman.

She stands approximately 167 cm in height. Her age is not known.

She later left the job to become a housewife to support her partner’s career and is nowadays seen rooting for Tahir during his games.
Sumayya Dildar lives in South Africa as she is of Indian descent.

Who is Imran Tahir?

Imran Tahir grew up in the town of Lahore. His full name is Mohammad Imran Tahir. He ought to take accountability for his financial needs at an early life. He used to work as a store salesperson in a mall. Despite it, Tahir was born in 1979 and is now an ex-South African cricketer.

He is a right-handed batter and a spinner who primarily delivers googlies represented SA in all formats of test matches yet favored Twenty20 Global tournaments. He continued to follow his dream of becoming a cricket player.

Imran Tahir and Sumayya Dildar’s Affair

Imran started missing Sumayya a lot after coming from SA, so he decided to pay a monthly visit to her. Sumayyya realized Imran’s validation and fell for him after seeing all the initiatives he took only to have a moment with her. After that, they began dating and got very committed to each other.
Tahir and Sumayya decided to get married after seeing one another for so many years. Unfortunately, circumstances got a little complicated for them because of their different homeland.

Sumayya Dildar and Imran Tahir

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Tahir tried his best to get into the South Africa national cricket team after his marriage, as it was not easy for a player having represented Pakistan at the under-19 level. Nonetheless, working for years, he succeeded in getting onto the national team in 2011.

Yet, Tahir’s solid cricket career with SA’s cricket team had proven that his choice to flee his homeland for the woman of his lifetime, Sumayya, intended to be rewarding for the marriage.

Imran Tahir and his spouse, Sumayya story, say a great deal about their feelings for one another. Their story has, on the contrary, revived everyone’s faith in profound affection for good.

Sumayya and Imran’s marriage

Many individuals switch to another religion out of their love and respect for religion. The spouse of bowler Imran used to follow the Hindu religion but now practices Islam so that she can marry Imran. Imran is a man who follows Islam as his religion, making it a little problematic for them to get married if she’s from another religion.

“Love fades, yet, the key is always to cling to the devotion,” remarked Tahir. “I could do this just because Sumayya was always with me.”

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