Kangana Ranaut, Mohanlal are likely to star in One Nation Web Series

Watching movies is liberating, and if you adore Mohanlal for his versatility and humanitarian work or a fan girl over Kangana Ranaut for her bold personality and breathtaking performances, then here is something epic waiting for you!

It is ONE NATION where Kangana and Mohanlal are taking the lead.

Vishnu Vardhan Induri announced last week about bringing six national award-winning directors to bring his mini web series, One Nation.

Actress Kangana Ranaut and actor Mohanlal will be the prime face of this show-stopper web series which narrates tales about unsung heroes.

Priyadarshan, Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan, John Matthew Mathan, Manju Borah, Dr. Chawanprakash Dwivedi, and Vivek Agnihotri are putting in cooperative efforts to turn this into a massive success.

The series, which consists of six episodes, presumably one hour each, highlights the struggles of the unsung heroes who have gone unnoticed despite their innumerous sacrifices.

It will study the events of the last century, from 1925 to the present, and bring out these hidden gems.

It is believed that the shooting will start by the second or third quarter of 2023, and it will be released on OTT platforms primarily in Hindi and later dubbed in multiple languages.

Isn’t this amazing to see the industry and the finest experts sharing the stage and bringing out this thrill of a lifetime?

Are you curiously waiting to know what’s more in the bag?

Well, this collaboration between Priyadarshan and Mohnalal is familiar; they have worked together on more than 25 films. Sources also say that he has given narration to Mohanlal, who is touched by the plot. Vivek has also approached Kangana for his part. However, they are yet to confirm this professional collaboration.

Induri’s vision seems futuristic as he has roped in Assamese director Borah in this project because he wanted it to have a pan-India presence.

The series aims to bring out the sentiment of ” service to the nation” and narrates stories from different parts of India. Therefore, it is crucial to have people with vivid tastes and backgrounds in this project.

The episodes can reflect on a wide spectrum of topics ranging from freedom struggles to natural calamities.

That’s going to be wonderful.

Did this news make you wait impatiently for the movie, then know that you are not alone!

Here begins the countdown.

Get set for an unforgettable experience!

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