Kendric Davis Father John Davis Missing – What happened to him?

John Davis father of Kendric Davis, a college basketball player for the Memphis Tigers, has been missing since 2021. John Davis was a truck driver sustaining himself through this job until he went missing.

Despite suffering from such a difficult time, Kendric played for his team and was also awarded the AAC player of the year title for 2021-2022.

What happened to John Davis, father of Kendric Davis?

John Davis was a truck driver for a living. He and his wife, Patricia Harris Davis were to celebrate their 29th wedding anniversary when this incident took place. John was traveling to return a truck that he had borrowed. John was in the Dallas-Forth Worth area while returning and just disappeared.

About a month later, according to Harris, the truck was discovered in Mount Vernon, Franklin County, in the parking lot of Love’s gas station. Due to his social media account, many of aware of his profession as John used to post videos and pictures, but people were concerned when it had been almost over a month since John had not posted anything.

Who was John Davis?

John is a loving and motivated parent who always supported Kendric’s dreams. John wished that Kendric should win the player of the year title. On February 23 2023 when Kendric made his father’s dream come true, it was unfair that his father couldn’t be present at such a joyous occasion since he disappeared in 2021.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Kendric last saw his father on October 20, 2021, when John visited him in Texas for a brief period. John was going through a hard patch with his long-time partner, Patricia. Throughout his visit, John stored his clothing in Kendric’s bathroom closet.

Kendric had been troubled by John’s disappearance the entire season. Only a select few people close to him were aware of the incident just before the season started. Kendric learned of the news of his father’s disappearance on December 14, 2022, just as he was getting ready for his practice.

His mom called him and was crying that’s when Kendric thought that it had to be something related to his father.

There are indications that John has had a tragic experience. John’s 18-wheeler trailer was discovered in Pittsburgh, 120 miles east of Dallas, in early November 2021. But the trailer’s accompanying truck remained missing.

The truck was discovered in March 2022, close to Mount Vernon, roughly 25 miles northwest of Pittsburgh, but John was nowhere to be seen. John’s clothes and personal items were sent to the Davis family in a box.

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About Patricia Davis

Kendric mother, Patricia Harris Davis, is always present to support her son during his matches. She also posts about his winnings and successes on her social media account.

When Kendric scored 31 points in an American Athletic Conference Tournament, she expressed joy and gratitude to him as he makes her so proud. Patricia also mentioned how much she is grateful to her husband, John, whom she wishes to find soon.

Kendric Davis Career and Family

Kendric Davis is born on May 14 1999, in Houston, Texas. He is known for being a basketball player for Memphis Tigers. Kendric previously played for TCU Horned Frogs and SMU Mustangs.

Kendric Davis has two sisters and one brother. There is no official information regarding his siblings, but they are known to be well-settled. Kendric also had a cousin named Corinthian Langston Taylor, with whom Kendric had a competitive relationship, and they played together. They played together as a team until 2020, the COVID hit. Yet they both always had a loving bond.

A tragic event shook Kendric on December 13 2022, when he heard that his brother, Corinthian, died. He was devasted yet put on a strong face.

Kendric Davis has a son named Kendric Davis Jr. He considers his son his priority. He is not married, nor does he have a girlfriend. Kendric Jr’s mother is Aaliyah Harrison, with whom Kendric is co-parenting.

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