Lalisa Manobal ( Black Pink Member Lisa ) Age , Family , Background , Affairs and Career

Lisa is the youngest member of the K-pop girl group “BLACK PINK. ” She was born on 27 March 1997 in Bangkok, Thailand. Lalisa Manobal is better Known by her stage name “Lisa.”

Lisa is known for her talent, aesthetics, and pleasant behaviour, among other things.

Lisa is one of the most famous K-pop stars in the world. Lalisa birth name is “Pranpriya Manobal, “which she changed later on legally.

Lisa said in an interview.

So the fortune teller,  said , ‘ you should change your name . The week after i changed my name YG called me back and said you should come ( be a trainee ) . I was like “wow” .

Age, Childhood, and Family

Lisa’s biological father’s name is not revealed in public.

Lisa is the only child in her family. She was raised by her mother “Chitthip Brüschweiler” and stepfather “Marco Brüschweiler”, a renowned chef. She attended Praphamontree II School in Thailand.

Born on 27 March 1997, as of now, she is 25 years old.

She was interested in music and dancing from a young age. She was inspired by k-pop idols like Big Bang and 2NE1.

Lisa career

Lisa is known  for her talent  and career

She worked as a rapper, singer, dancer, and model; her career started at a young age; before auditioning for YG Entertainment, she participated in many dance competitions like “To be Number  one.” She even joined an eleven-member dance crew, We Zaa Cool, and won awards like the “Special Team” Award.

A 13-year-old girl, Lisa auditioned for the Korean label “YG Entertainment.” In Thailand, she was inspired by many k-pop idols like Big Bang. Therefore became the legendary Blackpink member Lisa.

Among 4000 applicants,  she was the one who got selected and even impressed one of the judges with her fabulous performance in the year 2010.

The famous Black pink member Lisa first appeared as a background  dancer in a video song by Tae Yang for Ringa Linga.

The legendary  Blackpink did their debut in 2016 with a whistle. Undoubtedly,  she is the first non-Korean to make a debt under the agency. Undoubtedly contributed so much to the K-pop industry.

The blackpink member  Lisa started her YouTube channel on 5 November 2018, “lilifilm official” moreover, she reached 1.3 million over a year and received a gold plate button.

Furthermore, in 2019 one of the dance performances went viral because of a meme. Finally, Lisa made her solo debut in September  2021 with the solo album “LALISA.” Further, her video became the most viewed in  24 hours, breaking the record of Taylor Swift’s Me! Song.

Language Lisa speaks

Lisa is a multilingual person; over time she has developed her skills In many languages. As a result of which, she speaks fluent Thai, Korean and English.

Apart from these languages, she speaks basic Japanese and Chinese.

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Endorsements, Fashion and Photography

Blackpink member Lisa is yet another big fashion figure; Lisa is one of the most famous k-pop star, which has affected her career as a model, too, over the years, she has represented many brands and signed many endorsement  deals.

Moreover, she started her career as a model, becoming a brand ambassador of a Korean cosmetic brand on 21 March 2018.

Furthermore, signing a solo brand endorsement deal with AIS Thailand on 28 March 2019. In addition, she became the brand presenter of the Samsung Galaxy S10 on 11 May 2019. As well as a spokesperson of Tencent games on 27 June 2020.

In October  2020, she became the global brand ambassador of MAC cosmetics. Lisa was the global brand ambassador of Celine in  September  2020 (French Luxury Brand ). Lisa is the face of many other companies like Adidas, Bvlgari, D&G Downy, and Chivas.

She became the most followed K-pop idol on Instagram, with 17.4 million followers as of April 2019. As well as the first and only k-pop idol to have 50 million followers on Instagram.

According to “Overseas  Korean wave survey, “Lisa is listed among the top 20 most popular  Korean singers abroad.

In a British international agency, Lisa was chosen as one of the 20 most admired women alongside Michelle Obama,  Angelina Jolie, and 17 others.


Over the year, she won many awards; some are mentioned below. In addition, in the Asian pop music award show 2021, she won the song of the year award for “LALISA.”

Weibo starlight award 2020 – she won artist of the year and starlight hall of fame and prêmio Annual K4US 2020 award for favorite news from the Hester.

Thailand master youth club 2021, she won the inspirational role model for youth award. In addition, in Mnet Asian music award 2021, she won the award for being a worldwide fan choice top 10.

Best newcome award in 2022 for Bravo Otto show, mubeat global choice award -female award in Gaon chat music award show 2022.

She won two awards in the Hanto music award show 2021 – the artist award (female solo ) and the initial chodong record award.

Joox  Malaysia top music award show 2021 she won top 5 k-pop hits award for “LALISA” and top 5 international hits for “MONEY.”

Relationship Details

Black pink member Lisa’s dating life has always been a  secret.

However, she is currently single.

Black pink members, in an interview on party people in 2017, stated a Dating ban.

Black pink confirmed  about dating ban and said they cannot smoke , drink , go to clubs , get tattoos  or plastic surgery . However Jennie did mentioned that these rules can be broken as long as YG Entertainment’s former CEO Yang Hyung-Suk gives permission .

Lisa’s fans have dreamed of Lisa dating a member  of BTS’s  Jungkook

However,  Lisa put their hopes in a 2018 interview with Arirang radio by telling about her type, that she prefers older men to date, someone who is a good cook, and a few other traits.

Therefore, Lisa’s love life has been quiet; as far as we know, she is single and abiding by the rules of the dating ban of YG Entertainment.

Guinness world record

She has a world record one her name. This is because of being the most viewed video in 24 hours of a solo artist and the most viewed video in 24 hours of a k-pop artist.


Black pink networth is around 25 million dollars.

According to IBTimes, Lisa is ranked with the highest net worth among all four members of Blackpink.

Which is around 10 million dollars as of 2020, so it will be safe to assume that her net worth is around 12 to 13 million dollars now.

Facts about Lisa

  • She is known as Maknae in the group.
  • Her nickname is Lalice, Laliz, Pokpak,  Flying Lisa, RyeoLisa, Elephant Lisa, Royal Maknae, etc.
  • Black pink member Lisa is trypanophobia; she is afraid of needles.
  • Lisa’s favorite song is “Favorite  Young.”
  • French fries are Lisa’s favorite food.
  • She knows how to box.
  • She is described as a happy pill of Blackpink.
  • Her current favorite color is yellow.
  • Despite her background, Lisa cannot cook.
  • Lisa owns six cats Leo, Luca, Hunter, Lily, Louis, and Tiga.
  • Lisa’s  favorite  movie is “About time.”
  • Lisa’s favorite book is “Little Prince.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Black pink leader?

Black pink does not have an official leader. However,  fans have dubbed Jisoo the leader, maybe because she is the oldest.

Blackpink oldest member ?

Blackpink  oldest member is Jisoo .

Lisa’s Instagram handle?

Lisa’s  Instagram handle is @lalalisa_m.

Who are Blackpink members?

There are four  members in this k-pop  girl group, namely

  1. Lisa
  2. Jennie
  3. Rosè
  4. Jisoo

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