Mahabharat Serial – Cast, How to Watch?

Everyone loves to hear stories, even though the people become aged. For every child, the parents and teachers will say many fun stories and moral stories so that it helps to improve the character. We would have heard many stories, but the most famous epics are Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Mahabharat is the largest epic, with high moral qualities and interesting twists. In short, Mahabharat can be explained in brief as it gives the one line about life. It portrays the King’s justice, people’s life, a person with good characters, victory, failures, wars, deaths, births, jealousy, love, etc. Have you ever watched Mahabharat once in a lifetime? Then, one should watch the Mahabharat.

Where to find Mahabharat?

Mahabharat is an epic that has two options. One is it can be watched in a visual mode, or one can get the book from the store and can read it. But reading this lifetime story takes a huge time and needs a lot of interest. So one can go with the option of watching it in the series of episodes.

One can find the Mahabharat episodes or series on the television like Star Plus, or it can also be watched on the Disney Plus Hotstar, where the full episodes have been uploaded. One can watch it by even downloading every episode from the websites and can enjoy the visuals.

Story of Mahabharat:

The epic Mahabharata started from the kingdom named Hasthinapuram. It started with a king who was ruling the kingdom there. His son, Bheesmar, was the grandfather of the kingdom, who had the power to make decisions and guide the King.

The queen, Satyavati, gave birth to her son, who had sons – Paandu and Thruthrastan. The five sons of Pandu were called Pandavas. And the King who was ruling the kingdom Hasthinapuram, Thruthrastan, had 100 sons.

The fight was between the 100 sons and the Pandavas. The mother of Pandavas is Kunti, who also has a son Karna, but it was unknown till his death.

So the enemity was born from the childhood days of the 100 sons of Thruthrastan against the Pandavas. And the first son of Thruthrastan named Dhuriyodhan wanted to have the crown on his head, which was lead by his uncle Shakuni.

Unfortunately, the Pandavas married a girl named Draupadi, and the sons of Thruthrastan ill-treated her. It is the situation where the commencement of war happens. The Pandavas got ready, along with the help and guidance from Vasudev Krishna.

As the war started, it was a fight between the good and bad. As it continues, many lives of the people of the kingdom and the persons belonging to the Pandavas and Thruthrastan sons were getting killed. Pandavas fought and killed each and everyone who had ill-treated her wife, Draupadi.

As a result of the war, 100 sons of Thruthrastan and Gaandhaari were killed. The Pandavas was the only persons who remained alive in the Chandra kuru generation. The first son of Pandu, Yuthishtran, gets the crown, and he becomes the great King of the kingdom Hasthinapuram with his wife Draupadi as a queen.

The Mahabharat Arjun and Draupadi play a key role in the epic, and in some situations, they are the cause of many changes. Karna was living like a normal person, but he was given a kingdom to rule, and he had a friendship with Dhuriyodhan. Shikandi was the daughter of King Dhurpudhan and the elder sister of Draupadi.

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Mahabharat Star Plus:

Several channels have been investing and involved in making the Mahabharat epic in the visuals. But only a few channels have succeeded in it and given a good visual treat to the Mahabharat fans.

Mahabharat Star Plus has millions of hearts around the world. Star Plus has planned in a well-organized manner to arrange and make the epic. Star Plus entertainment limited has made it possible in several languages.

Mahabharat Hotstar:

Disney Plus Hotstar is an OTT platform that gives access to users to watch a number of movies in different languages and serial episodes. It is a vast platform offering a source of entertainment. The subscribed user to Hotstar has various advantages. The Hotstar also premieres the IPL match, which is the current one.

The biggest platform had also telecasted the Mahabharat, and every episode of it is uploaded to Hotstar in several languages. So it gives an opportunity to watch the series at any time.

Mahabharat cast:

The greatest epic, Mahabharata, has won many awards and compliments since many technicians have been involved in a lot of hard work. The cast is a. Massive group of many stars and technicians. The cast of the Mahabharat has done incredible work and has taken on a real journey of war and love. The cast of Mahabharata includes the following people:

  • Shaheer Sheikh as Arjun
  • Saurabh Raj Jain as Krishna
  • Pooja Sharma as Draupadi
  • Aham Sharma as Karnan
  • Arpit Ranka as Dhuriyodhan
  • Aarav Chowdhary as Bheesmar
  • Shafaq Naaz as Kunti
  • Vin Rana as Nakula
  • Saurav Gurjar as Bheema
  • Praneet Bhat as Shakuni
  • Riya Deepsi as Gandhari
  • Ankit Mohan as Aswaththama
  • Veebha Anand as Subhadra
  • Aparna Dixit as Ambika

And many other celebrities have given their dedicated work to the epic Mahabharata. The series is a great one and has stolen millions of hearts. The team has received positive reviews and won many awards and compliments.


Who wrote Mahabharat?

The sage Vyasa has written the greatest epic Mahabharata in the Sanskrit language containing 18 Parvas. The epic belongs to Hinduism, explaining the Kurukshetra war between Kauravas and Pandavas. The epic has been translated to many languages.

Is Mahabharata real?

It is not perfectly known whether the Mahabharat is real or not. But there are some evidence found where the Mahabharat started from the kingdom of Hasthinapuram. Everyone might think it is just a fictional story, but the places present in the epic are found currently in the country. So this is the proof for the epic Mahabharat.

When Mahabharat happened?

According to the approximate estimate, the epic Mahabharat happened 5000 years ago. The author of the epic has written it 5000 years ago. The exact duration of Mahabharat was not known yet.

How many days Mahabharat war?

Mahabharat war, also known as the Kurukshetra war, had happened for 18 days for the cause of winning the throne of Hasthinapuram between Pandavas and Kauravas. The war had resulted in many losses and deaths, and in the end, Pandavas found victory and won the throne.

What happened after Mahabharat?

After the completion of the Mahabharat war, Pandavas won the kingdom Hasthinapuram. And the first son of Pandu, Yuthishtran, was crowned as a King of Hasthinapuram and his wife, Draupadi. But during the time, the mother of Kauravas, Gaandhaari, expressed her grief by giving Saba to the Yadhavas.

Who is Sanjay in Mahabharat?

Sanjay was the advisor and charioteer of the Gaurav king Thruthrastan. He was the one who was always with the king Thruthrastan and guiding him about the happenings. He was the disciple of the sage Veda Vyasa. He was the son of charioteer Gavalgana.

How many episodes in Mahabharat?

There were 267 episodes in Mahabharat Star Plus. The series was telecasted on the television channels number of times according to the request given by the audiences. The Mahabharat was also dubbed in a number of languages. The Mahabharat Star Plus has won millions of hearts and brought the war in the visuals.

Who was Barbarik in Mahabharat?

Barbara was the grandson of Bhima and the son of Ghatotkach. He was a brave warrior from his childhood, and he learned many arts and war techniques. Her grandmother was Idumbi, who was the sister of King Idumban.

Who is Arjun in Mahabharat?

Arjun, the third son of Pandu and Kunti, husband of Draupadi and Subhadra. He was the main character in the epic Mahabharat. He is good and an expert in archery. He was the son of God Indra. He was blessed with many good qualities and morale. He had a son Abhimanyu, who did his best during the war. Arjun was the strength of the Pandavas.

Who is Karna in Mahabharat?

Karna, the son of the sun, is good at archery known for his friendships with the Gaurav Dhuriyodhan. He was blessed as a son to Kunti, mother of Pandavas and wife of Pandu. But, his mother, Kunti left him, and he was grown up in a normal family, which gave him a lot of insults, and he suffered a lot throughout his life.

Who is Shikhandi in Mahabharat?

Shikandi, daughter of Dhurpudhan King, was the elder sister of Draupadi. She was the rebirth of Princess Ambika, who wanted to take revenge against Bheesmar. And she killed Bheesmar in the war. So she was a great support to her younger sister Draupadi.

Who played Krishna in Mahabharat?

The actor Saurabh Raaj Jain played the role of Krishna in Mahabharat Star Plus episodes. With his charming smile and acting, he has won millions of hearts towards him. The role of Krishna in Mahabharat was the incredible one. He was with the Pandavas during the war and the chariot for the Arjun.

Who was Vidur in Mahabharat?

Vidur was the main character of the epic Mahabharata. He was assigned as the Prime Minister of the Kuru Kingdom, who takes decisions along with the guidance of the Bheesma. He was the uncle of both Pandavas and Kauravas from the paternal side. Unfortunately, he was also killed during the Kurukshetra war.

Who is Subhadra in Mahabharat?

Subhadra was the second wife of Arjun. She was the sister of Yadhav Krishna and mother of Prince Abhimanyu. She was taking care of Abhimanyu’s wife, Uthirai during her son’s birth. Even though Draupadi neglected her for marrying Arjun earlier, later, she accepted her.

Who is Urvi in Mahabharat?

Urvi was the wife of Karna and the princess of Kshatriya Prince, which is one of the kingdoms mentioned in the epic. She was the daughter of the Vashuha and Shubra.

What happened to Pandavas after Mahabharat?

After the completion of the Mahabharat war, the Pandavas won the kingdom Hasthinapuram and crowned it. They were ruling the kingdom with good morale, but after some adharmas started up in the kingdom, they left the place and went to the top of the Himalayas. During the way, one by one, the Pandavas were dying. First, Draupadi died, and the last died person was Bheema. Finally, Yudhishtran was the only person left in the Pandavas, and he was taken to heaven, where he requested the God Indra to bring his brothers and wife who were suffering in hell for the sins they did.


The epic Mahabharata is the longest one, and it is a platform for learning Manu morale and followings. So one has to watch the epic in visuals, lighten up their life, and improve the character!

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