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Mira Rajput, more commonly known as the wife of Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor came into the limelight once her marriage to the actor was announced. This article contains everything you need to know about the bubbly yet confident Mira Rajput.

Mira Rajput Wiki Bio

Being born on 7 September 1994 makes Mira Rajput to be 27 years of age as of April 2022. She is 5 feet and 5 inches tall weighing around 55 kg. She has beautiful black hair. Her black eyes compliment her black hair. Her approximate figure measurements are 34-28-34.


The gorgeous beauty was born to Vikramaditya Rajput and Bela Rajput. She belongs to a Punjabi family. Her father is a successful businessman. Mr. and Mrs. Rajput has a total of three daughters. Their eldest daughter is named Priya Rajput and the youngest is Noorjehan Rajput Wadhwani. This makes Mira Rajput a middle child. Their family is based in Delhi India.


Mira went to school at Vasant Valley School in New Delhi. She was an intelligent and dedicated student. Her hard work paid off and she got into Lady Shri Ram College for women. Here she graduated in English Honors with flying colors. In the exam – CATE conducted by Delhi University, she bagged the 10th rank which is quite prestigious. Later on she also undertook an internship with the remarkable United Nations (UN).

Mira Rajput’s Affairs

Most of the public figures directly related to Bollywood are often infamous for their chain of affairs. Mira Rajput however has only one alleged ex-boyfriend. This is Mr. Aditya Lal who is a model by profession. Other than him, there is no news of any of Mira’s affairs. It cannot be confirmed though that Aditya was infact her only affair before marriage or just because she wasn’t in limelight for so many years, we may have missed another special someone.

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Mira Rajput is married to the well-renowned Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor. They both tied the knot in the year 2015. The couple has two children together. The news of Shahid Kapoor marrying outside the industry was a big shock to many. The news was surprising to both his colleagues and fans alike.

Mira Rajput’s marriage to Shahid Kapoor

The couple has made it clear on many public platforms that their marriage was an arranged one. Shahid Kapoor says that he had looked around in his professional and personal life and couldn’t find the woman he would want to settle down with.

He claims that having a happy family was always important for him as his parents – Pankaj Kapur and Neelima Azeem did not have a happy marriage. He wanted to make sure that he has a family of his own, with a wife and kids to have a fulfilling life.

It can be confirmed from sources that Shahid and Mira’s parents are associated with the same religious organization in Delhi.

It is because of this that both the families got introduced and their kids tied the knot.

One of the major issues that were raised at the time of their wedding was the hard-to-miss age gap. There is whopping 14 years of the age gap between the couple (Mira being the younger). Indians have their own ways of having a progressive attitude, but this age gap was pushing it a little too far for their taste.

However, the couple has now been happily married for around 7 years and that is what counts.


Shahid Kapoor has often been in news for one or another of his affairs with some Bollywood actresses.
The first in line of Shahid’s ex-girlfriends is Hrishitaa Bhatt.


She is an actress/model. Later on with India’s Tennis star Sania Mirza as well. Other than this one sports personality, most of the other ladies on Shahid’s list include popular Bollywood actresses. Some of them are Vidya Balan, Anushka Sharma, Priyanka Chopra, and Bipasha Basu.

The most unforgettable of his affairs though has to be with Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoornoe Khan. Their affair was a more public one as compared to most Bollywood relationships. This is what made their break-up even more public. Their public appearances together, especially on Karan Johar’s talk show were a huge hit with the masses.

It is alleged that Kareena wanted to be with Shahid but he broke her heart. The two have been very public about her disapproval of Shahidpost’s breakup.

Mira Rajput’s Children

The couple has two beautiful children together. Their eldest child is their daughter. She is Misha. Her name is an amalgamation of her parents’ names – Mira and Shahid. This was a very cute gesture on the couple’s part. Misha was born in 2016 making her almost 6 years old as of 2022.

The couple welcomed their second child, a boy in 2018. They named the boy Zain Kapoor. Zain is approximately 4 years old as of 2022.

Mira Rajput’s Favourites

Mira’s favourite cusisine is Thai and not surprisingly her favourite restaurant is Ego Thai. In Mumbai she likes to eat at Dakshinayan. Her favourite actor is Salman Khan. Her favourite place to go for a recluse is Mykonos.

Net Worth

It is slightly hard to determine the exact net worth of Mira Rajput however for the year 2022, it can be estimated to be between 1 million and 5 million US Dollars.

The combined net worth of Mira and her Husband Shahid is a whopping Rs. 56 Crore.

Mira leads a lavish life. Her husband gifted her a Diamond Ring. The ring is approximately priced at Rs. 23 Lakh. The couple also has several properties registered to their names.

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