Nyesom Wike’s only son shot dead in California, US over father’s act in River’s election’.

Nyesom Wike’s son’s death headlines is in the news after The Rivers State Government opened up that his son was shot dead in the United States. The reason to be claimed is his father’s unwanted interference in the presidential election in river states.

Who is Nyesom Wike?

Nyesom Wike is a Nigerian politician carrying the background of a lawyer by profession. Wike is currently assigned as the governor of river states. He is also an active member of the people’s democratic party (PDP).

Before serving as the governor of river states, Wike served as the acting minister of education, to which he later resigned.

What happened to Nyesom Wike son Jordan Wike?

In the recent headlines, there is news about the death of Nyesom Wike son Jordan Wike.

The news of this tragic incident was rebuked by the commissioner of the state Chris finebone in a post on social media. Chris finebone accepts that the governor of river states, Nyesom Wike son Jordan were shot dead in the United States, and the reason to be considered on a political level is his father’s alleged interference in the presidential election of river states.

Chris Finebone claims the news based on his eyewitness post on Instagram in which it was captioned – breaking news: son of Nyesom Wike shot dead in us reason; fathers’ interruption in elections on political basis. The caption was posted with a picture of the complete family and Jordan wearing a graduation gown.

Nyesom with full family

What is the reason behind?

The reason for the death of Jordan Wike son, is not yet cleared up by any family member or any concrete news of the death been found.

The reason has been on hold for some time; as soon the Wike family confronts the camera, the confirmation regarding the news will be updated.

The news: real or just a gossip?

The news is being considered just as gossip by some standards, as was witnessed later in a statement by Chris Finebone; he speaks and claims that “yet another lie” which is sent to the newsmen. The news is based on false information as the governor has no son in the United States for such news to be fired.

The commissioner regards this news as the work of some wicked con artist who is blackmailing the governor emotionally. They are just trying to lower the reputation of the governor.


The Wike family is also not witnessed to put any claim on the news of their son being shot dead, which confuses the audience with the truth.

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