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Pravin Tambe net worth was obtained from sponsorships, matches throughout his career, businesses, and other means. Tambe is a bowler representing Mumbai. He was born on 8th Oct 1971 and is the Indian premier league’s senior cricketer. He decided to make his debut at 41.

Pravin Tambe’s IPL career

Tambe began playing for the Indian Premier League for the team Rajasthan Royals. Also, during his breakthrough in the premier game, he seemed to have no test cricket knowledge. Pravin had a per-day type of work and struggled as a minor player in Bombay.

At such exclusive Test matches, selectors noticed him. He endured three great years with RR until being selected by some other team later in the Indian premier league. Pravin got recruited by Sunrisers Hyderabad, but he did not play during that year.

Pravin retired in 2018 to compete in international T10 tournaments. He resigned a year later, and Kolkata Knight Riders purchased him for the bids before the Indian premier league in 2020. Pravin participated in overseas competitions by the Cricket board guidelines.

He quit his job to play in the Indian premier league again. BCCI delisted him due to his involvement in a Dubai T10 Contest without the Committee’s approval. The Indian premier league’s regulatory board, meanwhile, suspended Pravin for violating Cricket board standards. After this, he signed with the Caribbean Tournament, thereby becoming the first Indian cricketer to do so.

Pravin Tambe’s film.

The film depicts Tambe’s story, ‘Kaun Pravin Tambe?’ which debuted on digital platforms last year. Bollywood actor Shreyas Talpade played Pravin Tambe in this film. The KKR team organized a separate show to express their regard for the diligent player. Pravin became upset and cried all through the movie.

Several fans were taken aback by this inspiring story. Rahul Dravid states this documentary as The Wall because he noticed Pravin’s skill and advocated his recruitment into the Indian premier league. This movie has uncovered the hitherto unknown story of Pravin Tambe’s lifestyle.

The biography of Pravin Tambe will live about for decades. It is a narrative about never surrendering to your aspirations and always endeavoring to accomplish them with the finest consistency and commitment. He’s a spin bowler by profession.

Pravin Tambe and Shreyas Talpade
Kaun Pravin Tambe?
Pravin Tambe and Shreyas Talpade (google)

Pravin Tambe Net worth

Pravin’s net worth was estimated at INR 6 crores last year. Throughout his professional life, the experienced bowler did not hold an agreement with the Cricket board. His Indian premier league revenues, T10 tournament money, and commercial sponsorships have been the primary causes of his earnings.

Pravin currently engages in cricket tournaments for ex-players.
Pravin earned Rupees 80 lakhs as his salary while competing for different teams in the Indian Premier league.

About his personal life and family

Pravin’s residence has little publicity. Yet, according to rumors, the cricketer has a house in Bombay. The bowler’s residence is said to be multi-story and completely equipped.
Vaishali Tambe is his wife. The family includes a son Pranav Tambe and a daughter Pari Tambe.

They had an arranged marriage which was resisted and exacerbated by her hate for cricket. Notwithstanding the wife’s discouragement, he sought to impose and attempt to break further into this sport, despite the mental and age difficulties.

The fixing incident has been a watershed moment in the history of cricket. The conduct of some RR team players along with the numerous placing bet charges resulted in harming the IPL’s reputation.

Retired RR spinner Brad Hogg, a member of the team, recalled the story’s influence on the teammates. Brad stated that the business was harassed by the press the instant the situation was made public.

His Social media accounts:

Twitter handle: @legytambe
Instagram handle: @tambepravin

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