Qatar Airways Flight Nearly Crashes in Sea when Pilot Loses Awareness

The Qatar airways after taking off from Doha to Copenhagen on January 10, 2023 entered a steep plunge,hanging just 800 metres above the sea.

The aircraft was operated by Boeing 787-8 and had a registration code A7-BCO.

The Qatar airways, which was flight QR-161 departed in night time conditions. It departed runway 16 L at around 2 A.M. local time. As it departed the runway, it took a height of 1800 feet. As it reached a height of 1850 feet, its altitude was suddenly declined. 

In less than 24 seconds, it came down by 1000 feet. The plane started a deep descent and lost 1000 feet of altitude in less than 30 seconds. This is quite surprising!

After this stark decline in altitude, it was left hanging at an altitude of 850 metres above the sea.

The pilot and captain gave their all to save the flight from crashing into the sea and, after all their efforts, continued the flight to Copenhagen. After missing a serious tragedy by hair’s breadth, the aircraft landed safely in Copenhagen 6 hr 2 min after departing from Doha.

What led to the incident?

The first officer was flying the aircraft manually and needed directions about the flight. While he was steering his way to a second waypoint, an imaginary point in the sky used for navigation, he suddenly lost situational awareness. This sudden loss in consciousness led the aircraft at a 3000-foot-per-minute descent. This decline was so steep that it exceeded the flap speed limits as the plane was flying over 300 knots of true airspeed.

After the first flying pilot lost consciousness, the captain took control of the aircraft and prevented it from crashing into the gulf. When the aircraft was flying at the height of 850m above the sea, the captain recovered it. 

The captain saved it in the nick of time; otherwise, the descent was so steep that it had exceeded the flap speed limit, and the descent rate of 3000 feet per minute that caused a massive decrease in its altitude could have given a different and tragic ending to the aircraft.

Despite the nice weather conditions, a Boeing 787-8 pilot should not have lost his situational awareness because it was just seconds away from ending up in the Gulf.

The most disturbing part about the entire incident is the fact that even though the incident happened on January 10, 2023, the incident was reported to the authorities a month later. 

It should have been reported at the earliest to prevent mishaps in the future.

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