Qawiesha Toliver Cause of death – How did Tik Tok Star Died?

The prominent TikTok star Qawiesha Toliver, also known as Kiwi Toliver, died on February 22,2023. This tragic death of the star has made everyone stunned. However, let’s read further to know more about the incident that happened.

Who was Qawiesha Toliver?

Since this era will be marked for technology and content, Qawiesha Toliver was also a remarkable part of it. She was a content creator on TikTok. She was a resident of Statesville, North Carolina, born in Bluefield, West Virginia.

As you know, certain short-form video hosting apps have occupied entertainment spaces like YouTube shorts, Instagram reels, Moj app, etc. TikTok was a favorite app that brought a storm of content creation activity in the past years.

Qawiesha Toliver Cause Of death

Qawiesha Toliver, aka Kiwi Toliver, died on February 22, 2023. According to verified sources, she passed away after battling stage 4 cancer. She was withstanding the disease all her life.

She was an amusing person based on her activities and contents witnessed till now. She had the charm within to bring smiles to the saddest faces and make people feel better about themselves who had been going through a tough time. People say her smile was epizootic.

Being a powerful personality, Qawiesha was clenched with the uttermost admiration benevolently possible by her immediate family, members of extended family, and associates altogether. This was an instance for everyone she knew apart from her close friends.

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Qawiesha Toliver Relationships and controversies

In Statesville, during the investigation of Shana Nichole Harmon’s death, Qawiesha was under judgments and witnesses involved in the case. During the seventh day of testimony in Jhammar Bowen’s murder trial, she confessed to an Iredell County Superior Court jury about lying in the investigation process.

On the instance of Shana Nichole Harmon’s death, while being questioned in her apartment, she disclosed about breaking up with Bowen in the interview promptly. Then on Monday, she admitted it wasn’t true. She also opened up on providing a misleading name of her boyfriend and being asked by the officers to write down the same.

Moving further with the controversies, Toliver also divulged under the word of honor that she had lied to the SPD officer about her aunt stealing $9000 from Bowen and causing harm to her.

Toliver told the jury, ” I was taking up for him” to the jury. The whole case entangled around the confusing revelations; Toliver’s credibility and testimony were critical to the prosecution’s case against Bowen. She asserted that Bowen shot Harmon Three times on January 16, 2020, after Bowen drove Toliver and Harmon to a deserted house on 8th Street in Statesville.

Further, she alleged being unknown of the fact that Bowen would kill Harmon. On interrogating, she told the jury they were going to the ” Honeycomb Hideout” so Bowen and Harmon could have $ex.

On the kinetic verge of the case, Assistant District Attorney Mikko Red Arrow spent about two weeks constructing the case to assure the jury that Bowen killed Harmon for stealing drugs from Toliver’s apartment an eve before the shooting.

Responses from Social Media

A post by Gary: Talking about the controversy created on Harmon’s murder case, Gary goes on to say that Toliver had stage 4 cancer, was also involved under the charges in NC, helped her bf in killing Harmon, and much more. Gary’s words on rage as said, Qawiesha Toliver is her name; google it. Being in the hospital, Toliver gets all this money, perturbing people after whatever she did with Harmon.

Gary had further written about her being delighted to see her daughter at home, coming to visit. However, she bets that the young lady killed would also wish to visit her daughter. Startled by the fact that how Toliver got a plea, Gary ended.

Another Crazy Post: The post read that the person doesn’t follow Toliver but has seen on her FYP. Toliver has been on a hospital bed all her life battling cancer. Also, she was seen live daily. All about Toliver that she heard was having stage 4 cancer and nothing else. She would be googling her name to know more about her backstory.

R.I.P. Qawiesha Toliver, bidding heartiest goodbye.

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