Rapper Kiernan Forbes AKA Was Shot Dead in South Africa

AKA Forbes and his friend were gunned down at midnight on 10 February 2023. The rapper and Motsoane an industrialist and business associate, were taking a walk in a widely known nightclub neighborhood of the port region when two men fired shots at them. Another victim, assumed to be Forbes’ bodyguard, was hurt and admitted to the hospital.

Who is Rapper Kiernan Forbes AKA?

Kiernan Jarryd Forbes born on 28 January 1988, popularly known as AKA, was South Africa’s leading hip-hop artist. Kiernan Forbes was 35 years old and have countless South African awards, as well as nominations for a Black Entertainment Television award in the U. S. and an MTV Europe music award.

Forbes and his friend co-founded the production The IV League in 2006. He published three singles in 2009: ‘In My Walk’, ‘I Do’ and ‘Mistakes’. ‘All I Know’ and ‘Victory Lap’ were set to release early on. ‘Victory Lap’ was a great success, outpacing the South African broadcast rankings.

The KwaZulu-Natal crime squad will take over the investigation into the killings of the artist and his friend. Both men were confirmed dead at the crime scene, and authorities are still looking into the motive for the shooting. As per the police, the purpose of the crime is unidentified. The authorities are unwilling to theorize whether the killings were indeed the result of a strike, but the possibility cannot be ignored. AKA’s family requested privacy while the case about the shooting is still under investigation. Here’s what AKA parents tweeted about the situation.

Rapper Kiernan Forbes AKA Cause Of Death

The tragic death of the rap star just hours before his performance left everybody devastated. Citizens are showing their sincerest sympathies on his social media platforms in support. AKA was scheduled to perform in Cape town and was promoting his long-awaited latest album, “Mass Country,” going to be released by February 27.

South Africa is home to one of the highest murder rates in the world. Many people possess authorized weapons for self-safety, and there are even a lot of unregistered weapons on the market.

Several mass killings at bars and pubs occurred in the US last year. The most recent incident occurred steadily for the past month when eight individuals were shot dead at a family party.

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