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Reena Dutta, hearing this name first thing that comes to mind is that she is the first spouse of the legendary actor Amir Khan . But that’s not it. Other than being his ex she is much more.

Reena has been a great mother, further, she is successful in her career too. Although we don’t know much about her. Reena’s life has been a secret from the start.

During the years together she was supportive of Amir Khan and helped him altogether.

She even kept their Marriage a secret for some time to maintain Amir Khan’s Bachelor’s identity so he won’t lose her market value.

Let’s learn some more facts about her.

Reena Dutta Age

Reena was born on 4 September 1968 in Mumbai, India. There is not much known about her parents or sibling and this is the only information we can give you.

As of now, Reena is 54 years old.

Moving on to Reena’s career.


Reena started her career at an early age.

She always had a promising career, she never let her personal life affect her career.

Reena always been hardworking and her professional life has been pretty much successful from the beginning.

She started her career by working in a travelling agency.

Reena made her debut in the Bollywood industry by appearing in the film “Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak” in which the role of male lead was played by her ex-husband Amir Khan.

In fact, after her debut, she appeared in movies like Raman Effect and El Doctor.

She did a small screen distribution in the movie called “Papa Kehte Hain”.

Moreover, she was the producer of the Oscar-nominated movie ” Lagaan” in 2002.

After getting divorced she took off from Bollywood and cut out, now she is living a simple life.

Reena left the world of fame and luxury after getting divorced.

Now let’s move on to her family.

Reena family

We don’t know much about her siblings or parents. She is a low key person and did not like publicity or unwanted attention.

But we know something about her children.

When Reena was with Amir Khan they had two children one girl and one boy, furthermore let’s talk about them.

Her daughter Iran Khan, is an assistant director working under renowned director, Rajkumar Hirani.

And her son Junaid Khan is taking acting classes and preparing to make his debut in Bollywood.

This is all we know about her family.

Affair and husband

As of now, she is single.

Reena is known for being the first spouse of the legendary actor Amir Khan.

They both fell in love and got married against their family’s wishes.

After 15 years of a successful marriage, they got divorced when things fall apart in their life.

From this marriage, Reena Dutta had two kids Iran and Irfan.

According to the information we have, she didn’t date anyone else after that.

Probably She was busy with her kids.

According to the information we have, at the age of 20, Reena started dating Amir.

Moreover, in the year 1986, they got married.

They were neighbours when they fell in love.

They used to see each other through their window.

Amir was the first one to propose to Reena, although she rejected his proposal at first.

Reena and Amir did not lose their bond, they still take care of each other and they both are in touch with their kids.

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Facts about Reena

She loves Travelling and reading books

Moreover, there is no information about her drinking or smoking habits.

She is an animal lover.

Net worth

Reena’s net worth is around 15 crore Indian rupees. Moreover, she is not on social media.


This is all the information we could get, furthermore if there are any updates you will be informed.

Frequently asked questions

Is Reena the first wife of legendary actor Amir Khan?

Yes, her first spouse is Amir Khan.

How many children does she have?

She has two children, a girl named Iran and a boy named Irfan.

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