Rishab Shetty confirms Kantara 2 is his action-thriller

Rishab Shetty’s Kantara movie had a spellbound effect on the audience with a great ambiance and a golden message.

It proved to be a global blockbuster movie, and now the news has been confirmed about “Kantara 2,” the prequel of Kantara. Rishab Shetty is working on the script for the prequel shoot in June.

What was the story of Kantara?

Kantara movie was about how justice prevails with togetherness over greed and betrayal. It depicted a young tribal reluctantly abandoning his ancestors’ traditions to seek justice when greed paved the way for betrayal and murder.

What was so impactful about Kantara ending scene?

In the end, the viewers witnessed one of the most stunning sequences. Before dissolving into the forest, the demi-god takes everyone’s hands, including the cop’s, and places it on his chest. This was done so as to encourage the people to work together to be in harmony with the forest.

This was a perfect blend of folklore with mythology on truly Indian grounds.

What will Kantara 2 prequel be about?

Kantara 2 prequel will be about the intent and trustworthiness of the relationship between the villagers, the Almighty, and the troubled king. The king had a promise, a kind of contract with the deity to protect the villagers and the land around him. But there will be a twist as things would be turning out otherwise. So the viewers will witness a tremendous battle between the king and nature.

Was Kantara a big hit?

The movie Kantara collected around Rs.370 to Rs.377 crores at the end of 50-days in theatres. It reportedly collected around Rs.24 crores in its seventh-week run, which was the highest for an Indian movie surpassing “Baahubali 2:the Conclusion” in its seventh week.

When will Kantara 2 be released?

Kantara 2 will be released during April or May 2024, as per the reports.

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