Ryuho Okawa Cause of Death – How did he died

Founder of Happy Science, Ryuho Okawa, dies at 66. Ryuho Okawa, the leader of “happy sciences,” asserts that he can summon spirits to communicate with them.

Ryuho Okawa was a popular person and many people are interested in his death cause.

Who was Ryuho Okawa?

Ryuho Okawa was a resident of Tokyo (Japan) who was famous and known for his ability to summon spirits and talk to them.

He was the founding member and CEO of the organization “happy sciences,” which he founded in 1986. He used to publicly assert that he could summon the spirits of the dead and any living.

He considers himself the man of God or the voice of God, who has sent him on earth to lead the human race toward happiness. To do so and reach people with his teachings, he used to issue books based on the conversation with spirits and describe them as religious journals.

Okawa also led and formed a political party in the year 2009 that is designed to advocate the religious messages he highly relies on.

Ryuho Okawa
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What happened to Ryuho Okawa?

Ryuho Okawa, a 66 years old famous leader of a cult, was admitted to a hospital after he collapsed and lost his sense in his home in Tokyo a week earlier; before his death on Thursday, 2nd of march, his death was confirmed by local news reporters.

Ryuho Okawa Cause of Death

The reason behind the death of Ryuho is not disclosed yet, but the tragic incident he has been through, which is a sign of heart dysfunction just a week before his demise, is considered the cause of the famous cult leader’s death.

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What kind of cult were happy sciences?

Happy science is a cult formed by the late CEO of the company Ryuho Okawa in in 1986.

The organization was formed after the epiphany of Ryuho with a spirit who addressed him as the carrier of gods voice, who carried the purpose of God to serve on earth to lead the human race toward happiness.

The organization believed in the biblical reincarnation process and was obliged to build a global utopia (a perfect world in its own term). The cult was spread across 168 plus countries to address this voice and formed as a group with 11 million people worldwide.

The cult used to issue books based on the conversation of Ryuho with the spirits; the recent book they printed was about the discussion of Vladimir Putin with Ryuho about the Ukraine war statistics.

Though many people believed in the happy sciences cult, in an interview with Ryuho’s , son Hiroshi claims his father to be a con artist who is just playing with the faith of people over God,

to conclude, the cult has not yet confirmed the death of its founder, but the local news reporter in Tokyo are claiming the end of Ryuho Okawa.

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