Sandman Review and Cast

Sandman is a series which is based on a DC comic book which will be premieres on Netflix. This is another cool series by DC. Sandman will be stared streaming this Friday. It is written by Neil Gaiman. This will be listed in the top 10 list on Netflix.

This is the story of Tom Sturridge; he is the king of dreams and the person who can control dreams and nightmares, and later, he interacts with the human world. The first season was very exciting, and tremendous love from people across the world was received for it. And this new season also excited many people for it. The lead character of this series is stunning and is loved from the past seasons too. Tom Sturridge has the role of Morpheus. This series also has other stars into it. The story’s plot is about Tom Sturridge, the king of dreams and has slept for 106 years.

This sandman film was begun in the year 1991. Later, Netflix signs the deal for the production of this series in the year 2019. The series was shotted from October 2020 to August 2021. The movie starts with a good plot. There was an English magician in the home the prisoner was sent.

Cast of Sandman

  • Tom Sturridge

He is the main role of the Sandman 2022. He was famous from 1996 when he played a role in Gulliver’s Travel, as a Gulliver. Recently he also worked in the films which are Journey’s End and Velvet Buzzsaw. He also had a role in HBO’s miniseries, which started in 2019. And in this play, he was nominated for the Tony award for the best actor. In Sandman, he does not have any power; in the beginning, to get the power back, he needs the help of a human.

  • Gwendoline Christie

She played the role of Lucifer in this series. She completed her studies from Drama Center London in 2005. She also played a role in Game of Thrones as Tarth. She also has a new upcoming series which is The Addams Family spin-off. In Sandman, she said that “I am very grateful for this role and loved to play an evil role.”

  • Jenna Coleman

She has acted as Johanna Constantine in the Sandman. She was also a member of the theatre company. And in her school says she had also won an award. After this, she was asked to study in the University of York. In this Sandman series, she played a role who was a kind of silent person with kind nature. She also loved this play and in deeply involved in it.

  • Charles Dance

He played the role of Roderick Burgess. He is a 75 years old man who is fully enthusiastic about working. He was also a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company in 1970. He started his work in the year 1974 inn the ITV series. He was well known for his roles in The Crown and Game of Thrones and worked for The Imitation Game. Although, he did not comment anything on his role in Sandman 2022.

  • David Thewlis

He is a 59-year-old man who has played the role of John Dee in the series Sandman. He completed his studies at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, which is situated in London, in 1985. He was also present in the episode on BBC. He also worked in the moat famous Harry Potter. He was also cast in Wonder Women. While speaking for the Sandman, he said, “We had a wonderful time. It was a wonderful experience and it’s going to be something quite bizarre We had a wonderful time. It was a wonderful experience and it’s going to be something quite bizarre.”


Here, we have gone through the plot and the cast of Sandman 2022. This amazing series will be streaming on Netflix on the 5th of August. You can go for this series; it is truly exciting.   

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