Sheezan Mohammad Khan Age, Girl Friend, Arrest, Sister & Family

Sheezan Mohammad Khan is an extremely talented television actor. He works in Indian Serials and is very famous for his role as young Akbar or Sultan Murad Mirza in Jodha Akbar.

He was born on the ninth of September 1994 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. He was born as well as brought up in Mumbai itself. He is twenty-eight years old. He jumped into the modeling career when he was just sixteen years old, after passing out the high school immediately. He has done his graduation from the University of Mumbai.

Sheezan Khan Wiki

Physical Appearance

  1. Height – 5’9
  2. Weight – 65 kgs approximately
  3. Eye color – dark brown
  4. Hair color – black
  5. Body measurement – chest: 38 inches; waist: 28 inches; bicep: 13 inches.


He started his career with a famous Hindi Drama, Jodha Akbar. It was a historical drama portraying a beautiful love story between two historical characters: Jodha was the Rajput Rajkumari, and Akbar was the Mughal Raja. He played the role of young Akbar in 2013 when he first started his career.

Sheezan Mohammad Khan as young Akbar

In 2016, he again got the role in Silsila Pyaar ka as Vinay Saxena. He played the role opposite Sheen Das in the serial. He worked tremendously well in that serial and was very famous at the same time.

He has worked in many historical dramas, including Chandra Nandini and Prithvi Vallabh- Etihas Bhi Rahasya Bhi. In Chandra Nandini, he played the role of Yuvraj Bhoj/ Prince Karthikey in 2017. In 2018, he played a role in Prithvi Vallabh- Etihas Bhi Rahasya Bhi.

He also played the role of Raghav in the Television serial Ek thi Rani Ek tha Ravan in 2019. In the same year, he played the role of Arjun Priya in the serial Tara from Satara. He got the role of Apurva in the Nazar 2 serial opposite of Shruti Sharma. But due to Covid 19, the serial disappeared in the thin air. Though the serial was having a good rating, it could not work. Then in 2021, he played Arya’s role in the serial, Pavitra, Bharose ka Safar.

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Sheezan Khan Sisters

Sheezan Khan has two sisters, Falaq Naaz and Shafraq Naaz. They both are Television actors like Sheezan Khan. His parents got separated when he was very young, and since then, they have been living with their mother, and she raised them all alone. His mother’s name is Kehekshan Pravin. He also has a younger brother, Ahan Mohammad Khan.

Sheezan Khan Girlfriend

Sheezan Khan dated Mrinal Sharma, the actress in Kundali Bhagya. They had begun dating in 2016 but eventually called it off.

At the moment, he is still single, not married. The article will be updated if he gets married or makes a girlfriend in the future


On 24 December, Tunisha Sharma died by suicide; the actress hung herself on the rooftop of the makeup room of her co-star, Sheezan Khan; hence there was a huge drama that is still going on. He was arrested for allegedly aiding Tunisha Sharma’s suicide.

Sheezan Khan Arrest

Valiv Police arrested the 27-year-old actor in Palghar district on December 26. The doubt falls on Sheezan because they had broken up a few days ago, and Tunisha’s mother had alleged Sheezan. Another reason for the doubts falling on Sheezan was that Tunisha had done the thing in Sheezan’s makeup room in the set.

A long and exaggerated as well as exhausting case is going on. Affecting Sheezan’s self-made career world. Tunisha was Sheezan’s co-actor in Ali Baba, and now Sheezan has been denied the role, and a replacement has been made. She was the secret girlfriend before and after the suicide, which was out in public.

As per Sheezan Khan’s lawyer, a day before her death, Tunisha Sharma had shown a picture of depression to her co-star Parth Zutsi. When Parth talked about the same with Tunisha, she feigned that he tried to make her aware that it was just a random photo. When Sheezan Khan learned about the same, he called Tunisha’s mother on set, and they discussed the same. Her mother was told not to leave Tunisha alone.

Also, Sheezan had broken up on a very good note. They had decided they were too young to continue the relationship and would rather focus on their career. So, they were working as co-actors in the serial.

The media turned this into a case of Love Jihad, which cannot be true if the people involved were mutually happy and broke up on a very good note. The drama and masala needed by the public made the media do so.

Unknown facts about Sheezan Khan

  1. His nickname is Shizu, and all his friends and family call him the same name.
  2. His first cheque for the payment in the Television serials was eight five thousand. He had mentioned it in an interview.
  3. His hobbies include playing guitar. He shares videos of him playing guitar on his social media and says he loves to do so in his leisure time.
  4. When he was a kid, he could not pay the fees; hence he worked as a tiffin box delivery boy to fulfill his financial needs. `
  5. Sheezan Khan is a pet lover and has many pets. He has Persian cats named Sheru, Coco, and Neon. He also has a dog named Bunny. He is a Shih Tzu.
  6. Sheezan Khan has a tattoo that is the name of his mother (Kehekshan) that is in his right arm.
  7. He mentioned that he had suffered from depression when he was a child. He said this when he was a speaker at TEDx events. In the same TEDx SHIFT Virtual series 2020, he also said that he was molested by his landlord when he was just a seven-year-old child.


  1. Is Sheezan Khan married?

Ans. Sheezan Khan is not married. He was in a relationship with two of his co-actors.

  1. Is Sheezan Khan a guitarist?

Ans. Sheezan Khan is a television actor who started his career in 2013. He plays guitar during his leisure time and often uploads his videos doing the same in social media. It is just his side hobby to play guitar, not his career.

  1. Did Sheezan killed Tunisha Sharma?

Ans. Tunisha died by suicide. The reason is yet to be known. Although he was arrested for the same reason, it is not proven that he was the reason. Her mother also filed an FIR against Sheezan, which they had broken up very well.

  1. Is Sheezan’s sister an actress?

Ans. Sheezan Khan has two sisters, who are also television actresses.

  1. When did Sheezan Khan start his career?

Ans. Sheezan khan started his career immediately after passing high school when he was just sixteen. He started his career as a model. Later in 2013, he received his first role in Jodha Akbar.

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