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Vijaylakshmi Vadlapati is popularly known by her stage name Silk Smitha.

Silk Smitha Wiki Bio

Silk was an Indian actress and dancer by profession. She worked in Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Tamil languages.She was born on 2nd December 1960 in Kovvali, Andra Pradesh, India and died on 23 September 1996 in Chennai, India, when she must be just 36. 

She was born in a very low economic Telugu Family. 

Because of poor financial condition, she left her studies when she was in Class 4th. Her school name is not known.

After that, she started helping her mother with household chores. Soon after some years, at the age of 14, her parents fixed her wedding with an unknown person (name not known). She was forcibly pushed in this marriage, but after some time she left his husband and family because she had to fulfill her childhood dream of becoming an actor.

She was just a child; putting her in a forceful marriage was not meant for her.

Silk Smitha Wiki


Silk left her schooling in standard fourth when she was just 10 years old due to bad financial conditions. 


Silk was just fourteen when her parents made her marry to an unknown person. She was into forced marriage. Her in-laws and here husband was not treating and behaving toward her well. So she decided to leave him and moved to Chennai.

According to rumours, she was having affairs with well-known actor’s like Rajnikanth and Tamil writer, and director Vinu Chakravarthy.

After that first marriage, she never married another person.


After moving to Chennai, she started living with his aunt and worked as a make-up artist. She also worked at flour mills near AVM studios with Vinu Chakravarthy.

In the career of 17 years, she did 450 movies in different languages like Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada and Malayalam.

She got her break in acting from many small roles in different movies. 

First Debut

Her first debut movie was with director Anthony Eastman in Malayalam Movie ‘Inaye Thedi’ (1981). Anthony gave her the name “Smitha”.

Before that, she did movies like Pushyaraagam (1979), Saraswatheeyaamam, Ivar, and Angadi in 1980. 

Her first Tamil debut was with Vinu Chakravarthy in the film Vandichakkram in 1980. The movie was a big hit. In that movie, her name was Silk. After the success of the movie, she added Silk to the name given by Anthony Eastman and became Silk Smitha.

Due to her sensual personality, she got roles of vamps and cabaret dancers and worked in many Hindi, Kannada, Telugu and Malayalam movies.

The performance given by Silk Smitha in Moondru Mugam (1982) by her dance numbers in the movie, she became the ultimate symbol of sensuality in South Cinemas.

Smitha’s item number in Kannada movies were celebrated at the box office. Some of her popular movies include Moondram Pirai, 

Thanga Magan. In Hindi cinema, her movies are Lady Tarzan, Reshma ki Jawani. Her acting is never gone under noticed. She has always been in the news. Many journalists gave her name as a Soft Porn actress. 

Balu Mahendra’s Moondram Pirai was one of her respected films, which was recreated in Hindi as Sadma in 1983. Many actors like Sri Devi Kamal Hasan performed in the movie, including Silk.

Film Layanam (1989) was dubbed in Hindi as Reshma ki Jawani in 2002 due to cult status, and also it was made in different languages.

Journey of Silk Smitha in the movies was very long, but she was often referred for sensual performances.

Movie List

Silk Smitha performs more than 450 movies. But here are her top movies of her:

Moondrum Pirai (1982), Sadma (1983), Lady Tarzan (1990) , Drohi (1992), Adharvam (1989).

These were some of the movies. Detail list of the movies.


It has been 24 years since her death. She was found dead in her apartment in Chennai. She committed suicide. The reason behind her death is still a mystery to everyone. She faced a lot during her acting career, from financial problems to love, emotional stress everything.

According to an interview with Vinu Chakravarthy, he said “when she committed suicide Silk tried to call me but due to poor network I was unable to respond maybe she want to say something to me.”

Every mystery and secret has gone with Silk after her death. Even her close ones didn’t know what was going on with her.

Movie on Silk Smitha

Based on her life, Ekta Kapoor made a film name ‘Dirty Picture’ in 2011. She was featuring Vidya Balan as Silk Smitha. Her brother V. Naga Vara Prasad was against this movie because it was released without her family’s permission.

Similarly, in 2013 film name ‘Dirty Picture: Silk Sakkath Hot’ in Kannada was released. 

It was a successful movie in Karnataka. In this movie, Veena Malik played the role of Silk.

In the same year, 2013 in, May movie name Climax was released based on Silk’s life. This movie was in the Malayalam language.

Unknown Facts

Silk learnt English from Vinu Chakravarthy’s wife. Though she education was minimal she managed to learn English.

Her favourite actor was Kamal Hassan.

Smitha was always known for her passion and willingness to work in the industry.

In short, this was all about Silk Smitha. Her age, husband, family. She has been very talented actress in Indian cinema. There is no Instagram profile of her. 

As a result, we lost a very talented actress at a very young age.


1. Does Silk Smitha have a child?

No, soon after her marriage, she got separated from her husband.

2. Is Silk Smitha married or not?

Yes, she married at 14 but she parted ways due to domestic violence.

3. Who are Silk Smitha’s parents?

Her mother name is Sarasamma, and father name is Ramallu.

4. What is the age of Silk Smitha?

36 years old when she died.

5. Where is Silk Smitha from?

Smitha is from Kovvali village, Eluru, Andra Pradesh, India.

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