SK Bhagavan Cause Of death: Family, Wiki

An 89-year-old Veteran Filmmaker, SK Bhagavan passes away on the morning of 20th February. He passed away in a private Bengaluru hospital due to an age-related illness.

SK Bhagavan Cause of death

The Kannada director was not known to have any illness in recent days.  As per the reports, it is known that SK Bhagavan passed away due to some age-related issue. However further details of his death are yet to be known.

SK Bhagavan wiki

Born on 5th July 1933, SK Bhagavan is known to be a director and filmmaker from Karnataka. His full name is Srinivas Krishna Bhagavan or SK Bhagavan. Born in a Brahmin family, he began his acting career by being an assistant director in the film Bhagyadoya to Kangal Prabhakar Shastri in the year 1956.

SK Bhagavan acted in plays during his school days. He was associated with Hirannaiah Mithra Mandali. His debut movie was in the year 1966 to Sandhya Raaga however the official director tag was given to M.C Narasimhamurthy. He is known to have co-direct his official debut film with Dorai Raj named Jedara Bale. Dorai-Bhagavan was the official way in which they mostly directed their films. This style of naming directors was taken by James Bond style and started making films of that kind. They were the first in the Kannada industry to introduce such a thing.

Some of the famous films directed by Dorai-Bhagavan are-  Kasturi Nivasa, Bayaludaari, Gaalimaatu, Chandanada Gombe, Hosa Belaku, Benkiya Bale, and Eradu Kanasu. Some James Bond-style movies directed by the duo were Goa dalli C.I.D 999, Operation Jackpot C.I.D 999, and Operation diamond racket. 

After the death of Dorai Raj, SK Bhagavan decided to be away from the films. Their last directorial venture was Mangalaya Bhandana in the year 1993. SK Bhagavan made his 50th and last movie in the year 2019 named Aduva Gombe.

Facts about SK Bhagavan

SK Bhagavan was a principal of the Adarsha Film Institute

SK Bhagavan and Dorai Raj have directed twenty-seven films together under the name Dorai-Bhagavan.

Dorai-Bhagavan won Puttanna Kanagal Award from the State Government of Karnataka for the year 1995–96.

SK Bhagavan also won Dr. Rajakumar Souhardha Award in the year 2010.

Twenty-four films of SK Bhagavan were derived from novels.

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