SR Kalyanamandapam Movie Review, Cast & Story

SR Kalyanamandapam”. This small-scale film created a buzz while also having mixed reactions, and here’s why.

2021 saw the release of many interesting films with a simple but sweet storyline, a good cast, and an overall musical portrayal of the film’s direction, yet they were deemed unworthy of a “must watch” movie. Be it in Hindi, Marathi, or any other local language.

SR Kalyanamandapam Movie

SR Kalyanamandapam, directed by Sridhar Gade, is the story of a youngster who focuses only on enjoying life without taking his career seriously.

The story portrays how his life has taken a turn for the worst as he falls into a tussle with his father, who has lost all his properties and how the girl that he has feelings for doesn’t catch any mutual feelings for him at first, and yet, in the end, he turns the worst situation around and succeeds at life.

Release Date

The official production of SR Kalyanamandapam started in March 2020 at Rayachoti. However, the filming took a halt due to the Covid – 19 lockdown, which was then resumed and wrapped later in October 2020.

The movie was announced in July 2021 with a release date set at 6th August 2021 in theatres and made its OTT debut on ‘Aha’ on the 28th of August 2021. The film was also released on many illegal websites.

After its theatrical release, SR Kalyanamandapam had a good run at the box office despite having a few poor reviews.


The SR Kalyanamandapam cast includes “Kiran Abbavaram”, who plays the lead role of Kalyan, the son of Dharma, played by “Sai Kumar”; Sindhu, the lead female role who can’t reciprocate the feelings of Kalyan initially, is played by an actress “Priyanka Jawalkar”, and we have actress “Tulasi” who plays the role of Kalyan’s mother.

Kiran abbavaram does not only do his part by acting as the main character of the story, but he is also responsible for the screenplay and storyline of this film. Even though he was considered a promising actor who was good at expressing or portraying his characters well, the critics felt that the movie needs to be more than just a showreel.

Sai Kumar, considered a veteran, was well praised for playing his part in the movie. Tulasi was also successful in portraying her emotional role as a mother; however, many think that Priyanka Jawalkar didn’t fit the role.

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The first single, “Choosale Kallara”, written by Krishna Kanth and sung by Sid Sriram, was released on 8th September, 2020 and was considered a decent song given its typical style of lyrics.

The second single, “Chukkala Chunni”, was released on 5th November 2020. Here, singer Anurag Kulkarni was able to charm the audience with his cheerful voice and soothe the ears of the listeners. Bhaskara Bhatla wrote it.

The third song didn’t make a very positive impression because of its run-of-the-mill tuning and typical ‘Romeo stalking Juliet’ lyrics. The song was written by Bhaskara Bhatla and sung by Anurag Kulkarni; the song didn’t make a long-lasting impression.

The music department led by Chaitan Bharadwaj did a pretty good job with songs like “Choosale Kallara” and “Chukkala Chunni”, leaving a long-lasting impression.

Movie Review

The SR Kalyanamandapam story is about Kalyan, who shares a turbulent equation with his father, Dharma, who has been mismanaging SR Kalyanamandapam for a few years. Even after having a rough rocky relationship with his father, Kalyan wants to work hard and try his best to revive this business of Kalyanamandapam.

When you look at new writers writing a film story, you look for a fresh concept, something unwritten previously, but unfortunately, you can’t find that here. While Kiran might’ve done a great job expressing the depth of his own written character, I’m afraid he could’ve done a better job with the pacing of this story.

He has crammed the story with the repetitive nature of storyboarding, which many people have already come across several times before in their life.

By repetitive nature, I mean something like, “the drinking hero, who can’t get his life organised, falling for the rich man’s daughter and friends whose roles are irrelevant and whose only purpose is to fit the plot.

Apart from the simple and boring love plot of SR Kalyanamandapam, what dropped the ratings and left the fans unimpressed with the film was the objectifying of the lead female role. Misogyny is also showcased in the way Dharma criticises his wife’s actions and her breaking down into tears.

Another major drawback in this film was the inconsistency of the dialogue delivery. You see the hero re-enacting every part of the ’90s films that made you cringe back then and is the same now.

The only strength that carries this film, apart from its healing music, is the conflict that the story revolves around. The father and son having a roughed-up relationship is not something you might have seen many times before. This whole idea could’ve elevated the story and shaped it into something much better only if it was moulded in the right way.


Suppose you pass over the unnecessary build-ups, poor dialogue delivery in the first half of the movie, and an unfitting role for Priya Jawalkar. In that case, SR Kalyanamandapam is a passable watch due to its decent songs, good background music score, great portrayal of the character by Sai Kumar as Kalyan’s father and improved acting in the second half; and for these reasons, I would say that 2.5 is an accurate rating for this film.

SR Kalyanamandapam was made available on the OTT named “Aha” on 28th August 2021, three weeks after its theatrical premiere.

After being released in theatres, SR Kalyanamandapam was leaked online, and people started streaming it through pirated sites; hence worried actor Kiran Abbavaram appealed to the audiences to not watch it illegally online but come to the theatres and show the movie all their support.

How to Download Movie?

SR Kalyanamandapam cannot be downloaded legally. You can stream it on “Aha”, a Telegu television OTT platform, or wait for it to be streamed on television. It can be downloaded illegally through pirated websites, which is not recommended.


All in all, it is a movie with a decent plot. The director Sridhar Gade could’ve come up with a better first half. The music producers and directors did a good job and delivered the best they could with their impression of leaving music. Kiran Abbavaram did his part well but could get better at his screenplay writing over time.


  1. Is SR Kalyana Mandapam on Aha?

Yes. SR Kalyanamandapam is available for streaming on “Aha” since 28th August 2021.

  1. What is the story of SR Kalyana Mandapam?

It’s the story about a young student named Kalyan, who hasn’t been talking to his father and is in love with a classmate who doesn’t feel the same way about him. As time passes, Kalyan starts working hard to change this difficult situation in his life.

  1. Is SR Kalyana Mandapam on Amazon Prime?

SR Kalyanamandapam is not available for streaming on Amazon Prime. However, you can watch it on “Aha” through a paid subscription.

  1. What is the rating of SR Kalyana Mandapam’s movie?

Sr Kalyanamandapan has a rating of 2.5/5.

  1. Who is the director of SR Kalyana Mandapam?

Sridhar Gade has directed the movie “SR Kalyanamandapam.

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