Sri GG Krishna Rao a Telugu Film Editor Passes Away

It feels like the modern era 21st century has no space for legends. The Tollywood industry faces the death of two legends back-to-back, it was not yet over the grief of the loss of Taraka Ratna, and it faces the demise of Telugu film editor Sri GG Krishna Rao on Tuesday in Bengaluru.

Sri GG Krishna Rao was 53 when he took his final breath.

Sri GG Krishna Rao was a retired Telugu film editor. Rao began his film editing career in Telugu cinema with Padavoyi Bharatheeyuda. He has over 200 films to his account which he directed or edited.

On 21st February (Tuesday), Sri Krishna Rao takes his final breath in his residence in Bengaluru. He was just 53, and the cause of his death is due to age-related ailments and nothing major.

Telugu film editor Sri GG Krishna

Sri GG Krishna Rao as an artist

Sri GG Krishna Rao decided to be an editor of films, he edited first in Hindi cinema with the film Jawar Bhatta and then came to the Telugu cinema industry. His first Telugu film was Padavoyi Bharatheeyuda.
His other Bollywood projects included Eshwar, Sur Sangam, Mastana, etc all finely worked on by the artist.

After becoming successful in Bengaluru Rao went on to collaborate with iconic filmmakers like K Viswanath, Adurthi Subba Rao, Jandhyala, Bapu, and many others. Vijaya Madhavi Productions and Poornodaya banners also helped him to establish a name in the industry. Among his notable works as an editor are Shankarabharanam, Swathimuthyam, Sardar Papa Rayadu, Muddha Mandaram, and many others.


He has been honored with a three-time Nandi Award-winning editor award, which is a prestige award in tollywood.
As the industry has not overcome Taraka Ratna’s death, they meet with the loss of another just a day after.

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