Suspension Faced By ‘ BATLA HOUSE ‘ Owner

Batla House is quite famous for its case where two suspected terrorists, Atif Amin and Mohammad Sajid, were shot dead by The Delhi Police on 19 September 2008.

The owner of L-18 Batla House, Mohsin Nisar, who rented his house to the two terrorists, works as an executive engineer with the public works department in Ghaziabad.

However, The Government Officials did not link his suspension with The Batla House encounter. They claimed to have problems with the irregularities in his work as he supervised in National Highway Division as an executive engineer.

From the sources of officials, on 19 September 2008, the letter of suspension was dispatched by the government of Uttar Pradesh on the same day The Batla House encounter case took place in his house in Jamia Nagar.

According to Deepak Aggarwal’s sources, ‘ The Magistrate ‘ of Ghaziabad District constituted an inquiry six months ago from the Batla House encounter case to check and confirm whether the allegations of irregularities and lack thereof of concentration in the National Highway were true or not. The Magistrate said, “The executive engineer was charged for the irregularities, and his letter of suspension was dispatched on 19 September 2008. We are yet to receive the letter, but I have the confirmation of his suspension.”

While there was not contact with Nissar, said the UP Police. He was taken into custody by the officers of the Delhi police. However, The Deputy Commissioner of Police from the South District, H G S Dhaliwal, denied and said the information was false as he said that Nissar was never in their custody. Meanwhile, Dhaliwal was also informed about the complaint filed by Nissar. He said, “Nissar filed complaint against Rehman, the caretaker of L-18, for cheating him. He said he did not know that his tenants were not verified as per law.”

However, the mystery ended when Abdul Rehman, the caretaker and the father of Zia-ur-Rehman, one of the members who got arrested on Sunday, were taken into custody by the police on the charges of imitation of fake documents and cheating.

While the sources also got the information that Abdul Rehman was Nissar’s stenographer, he used to translate his messages to others, made arrangements, and set up meetings with others. He also used to set the important events in the name of Nissar.

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