What happened to Justus Von Eitzen?

Justus Von Eitzen, popularly called Flobby, a famous Clash Royale player, passed away at 22 on 14th March 2023.

His death was unexpected and shocked everybody.
The entire town is mourning Flobby’s loss.

Justus was one of the founders of the esports division section, established in 2018. He contributed to the team at CRL Europe 2018 Fall in Los Angeles.
His final competition was QLASH League 2, and he stayed with a German company as a vlogger afterward.

Justus-von-Eitzen (Source : merkur.de)

About Justus Von
He was known as Flobby among his peers. For many years, he operated for the German firm SK Gaming. Flobby competed in various tournaments as a representative of his organization.

Besides his popular esports job, he is a good person by personality. His acquaintances characterized him as warm-hearted, sincere, and friendly.

Several acquaintances who had met Flobby said he was among the most honest and kind-hearted guys they had ever known. Flobby’s untimely death has had a far-reaching influence on the videogame industry, and this news shocked his admirers, acquaintances, and relatives.

Cause of death
Eitzen suffered a stroke by suicide. Several data showed he perished in an auto crash.
Flobby died in an automobile collision on an L127 around Apensen. His vehicle slammed into two trees and then exited the roadway. The hit flipped his car all over the road. Flobby was rescued and afterward transferred to the clinic.

Buxtehude, renowned as Justus Von Eitzen, died of his injuries. This mishap occurred while he was penning a parting note to his parents.
His close relatives have yet to reveal memorial details.
Yet, these facts, including the burial and death, may be disclosed shortly.

Eitzen received numerous accolades.
With the devastating news of Flobby’s passing, people began paying heartfelt respects to him across social networks. SurgicalGoblin, a two-time Clash Royale World Champion, expressed his sorrow for Flobby’s death, writing, “Very unexpected.” My deepest sympathies go out to Flobby’s loved ones”.
We sincerely extend our heartfelt condolences to Flobby’s close ones. His passing is a loss for such a community, yet he’ll dwell in the memories of his fans forever. We beseech Lord to allow Flobby’s spirit to rest peacefully.

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