Whatsapp Will Soon Let Users Pin Messages Within Chats and Groups

In a recent report by WABetainfo, which is the Twitter account of WhatsApp and keeps track of upcoming changes in the platform, it is mentioned that the meta-owned messaging platform WhatsApp is working on a new feature that will allow users to pin their important messages at the top of the chat, which generally is quite significant.

A pinned message is one that is highlighted in a conversation and stays at the top of the conversation for ease of reference. The feature is beneficial since it enables users to pin crucial messages to the chat’s top so that they can easily find the important texts anytime.

The feature to pin messages within chats and groups is currently being worked on and is anticipated to debut in a forthcoming application update. Under this feature you can either pin messages to the top of that in groups or within individual chats. In case if the client is running an outdated version of the app, WhatsApp will display a notice in the chat asking them to download the newest version from the store.

From saving time by highlighting important messages to improving management in an overflowed folder, this feature will come in handy in a great way.

Benefits of pinned messages within chats, group

It is mainly useful for groups that receive, for all intents and purposes, many messages, whether the group may be used for academic purposes or for task management in your professional sector, as it will generally improve management by helping clients quickly access their essential data.

It can be used to highlight important information as by pinning a text we are adding it to a priority spot in a subtle way.

Moreover, it will come in handy when a group is addressing a specific topic and a specific message has to be immediately accessible 

After the introduction of this new feature by the meta-owned messaging platform WhatsApp, which allows you to pin messages within individual chats as well as in groups, it will come in handy for the person whose WhatsApp is mostly overflowing with text messages.

Emerging technologies are initiating advancements that are helping people to complete their tasks more efficiently and in less time. Just as this new feature will help people in the future for better management of their important information there are much similar technological advancement that will make our life easier.

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