Who was Ana Fernanda Basaldua Ruiz? Cause Of Death Explained


Who is Ana?

Ana Fernanda Basaldua Ruiz, 20, had been a combat engineer for the previous year. The Army Special Investigation Unit and the upper ranks are probing the details and events behind this tragedy.

The top management is in touch with her relatives to keep them apprised of developments, to address any issues, and to offer them all reusable details.

She signed up for service in 2020. However, due to COVID, she did not begin her military training till the next season at the military camp.

Ana Fernanda Basaldua Ruiz (Photo by The Pink Berets).

Ana Fernanda Basaldua Ruiz Cause Of Death

On 13th March, Ana Basaldua passed away and suspected her parents that Ana had committed suicide. Her mom has commented on the situation, telling Noticias Telemundo that Ana talked to her about her suspected abuse but failed to describe what caused her to feel uneasy. Ana’s dad spoke to her before her demise, after which she stated her frustration and desire to suicide.

There is no evidence of the fatality’s reason or the events surrounding it. Fort Hood issued an amended notice stating officers from the Investigation Branch have concluded there isn’t any evidence of ill actions presently But, the probe is still underway. The higher department is trying to help her parents and the soldiers she worked with.

A Farewell to Ana Basaldus

Everyone’s heartfelt condolences are with their family as they endure this critical moment. “She was an amazing comrade and will be sorely remembered.”

Vanessa Guillen, who was 20 years was physically assaulted and murdered at the army facility in 2020.

This tragic instance has brought into focus the persistent problems at Fort Hood. Following Ana’s death, countless individuals already sent sympathies and regrets to her close relatives, showing their assistance and empathy for such a devastating incident. People are encouraged and trying to help Ana’s household during this period.

Ana Fernanda Basaldua Ruiz Case investigation

A family representative revealed that Ana’s parents are still in the dark about how she passed away. Lucy, the representative, claimed there isn’t a “clear timeframe” for the incident and what occurred to her.

Ana’s dad said that he checked on her GPS location and discovered her location in a field at the camp, and that was the last time he knew about her before she died. He claimed that she wrote her a text in which he stated that he’d be the one who was going to die because of the sorrow for not understanding her.

Ana’s parents have now sought the help of a charity military advocacy organization, The Pink Berets. Our family is concerned about the female comrades of the US army and their ease and safeguarded. Veterans who have committed horrendous acts can never guard our Country.

Lucy even compared Ana’s and Guillen’s cases, who also worked at Fort Hood. Guillen went missing from her shift on 22nd April 2020. After months, detectives discovered her remains dumped beside a riverbank from Fort Hood. One of Guillen’s comrades, Robinson, was suspected of murdering her with a sledgehammer in an ammunition storeroom he oversaw. After being approached by local authority police, Robinson killed himself.

The Army Crime Branch is pursuing its inquiry into this incident and will accumulate proof and information to determine whatever transpired.

Evidence about every outbreak of violence would be handled and examined.
Claims of sexual misconduct fall outside the jurisdiction of a crime scene officer. Cases of physical misconduct are handled by officials from a different unit than the one from the crime unit.

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